Gabion lighting: With these ideas you can put the stone baskets in the limelight!

In the garden, the right lighting is not only functional, it also creates atmospheric accents. If you have decided to build gabions in the garden, then you should not leave them in the dark in the evening. Instead, you can use different light sources to display the gabion baskets. But what options are there for gabion lighting? We answer this question in the following lines.

Set light accents in the garden with gabion lighting

Illuminate small gabion baskets in the garden

Gabions can be used in many ways in the garden: from entire walls to small decorative columns to seating such as bench seats. All of these design elements look modern and appealing during the day, but disappear in the dark in the evening. With the right lamps and lights you can put the stone baskets in the limelight. We’ll now show you how best to do this.

Gabion lighting: There are these possibilities

Gabion lighting from below with floor spotlights

As far as garden lighting is concerned, there are many different variants to choose from. With solar lamps, fairy lights or floor spotlights you can illuminate the entrance area, seat, wall and decorative elements. To set accents on the gabion baskets in the garden, lamps, spotlights and LED tubes are particularly suitable. The illuminated gabions look even more beautiful when they are (partly) filled with colored glass chunks. This creates wonderful lighting effects not only in the evening, but also during the day. All possibilities for gabion lighting are examined in more detail below.

Gabion lighting from below

Floor spotlight for lighting gabions from below

If you want to accentuate gabion elements that have already been built in the garden, then ground spotlights are perfect for this purpose. They can be retrofitted and are then aimed directly at the gabion. Such a design creates a romantic atmosphere in the garden, as it is reminiscent of old illuminated city walls on a hill.

Gabion bench and stairs illuminate with LEDs

But also small stone basket cubes, gabion columns or a gabion bench can be displayed by means of lighting from below. If you like to relax in your garden in the evening, then you should by no means neglect such lighting.

Lighting ideas for the gabion wall concealed floor spotlights

For lighting from below, you can choose between solar lamps and electric lamps. With the latter, however, you should make sure that they are suitable for outdoor use. Solar lamps, on the other hand, are usually designed for outdoor use and are also cheaper.

Gabion columns illuminate from below with LED spotlights

Use classic garden lighting for gabions

Subsequent installation of gabion lighting Solar lamps

Commercially available garden lamps can also be used as lighting for gabions. You can mount these directly on the stone baskets with the help of a clamp, so that the gabions shine from above. If it is a whole gabion wall or wall, then you have to use several lamps so that the wall becomes a real eye-catcher in the evening.

Gabion lighting from above with solar lights

A raised bed gabion can also benefit from solar lighting. So you can also put an accent on the beautiful planting in the raised bed in the evening. Furthermore, illuminated raised beds give the garden structure in the evenings.

How can you illuminate gabions inside?

Gabion column lighting LED inside

Gabion lighting from the inside is one of the most beautiful ideas for illuminating the gray stone baskets. LED elements are placed in the gabion, which shine the stones from the inside and create interesting plays of light. Light chains or light tubes, which are simply incorporated when filling the gabion basket, are particularly suitable for this. You can also choose between a single-colored LED tube and an RGB or RGBW option, depending on what kind of effect is achieved.

Gabions filled with glass stones and illuminated

If you fill the wire basket with transparent or colored glass stones or chunks, the lighting creates an even more interesting effect.

Build gabions with lighting yourself: that’s how it works!

Ideas for gabion lighting RGB with LED hose

A gabion with lighting is not that difficult to build yourself, but you have to pay attention to a few things. We now summarize the most important steps.

1. Decide on the design of the gabion wall

Gabion wall with broken glass pillars blue

First, carefully plan the dimensions and style of your gabion wall. Decide whether you want to illuminate the entire gabion or just a part (for example a strip) of it. Choose the color for the light source or rely on an RGBW LED tube, with which you can change the colors as you wish.

2. Get the stone baskets

Gabion wall with lighting as a garden fence

You can build a gabion wall yourself without much effort, but you should buy or order the baskets ready-made. Since these have to bear a great deal of weight, they have to be made of high-quality materials and have to be tested.

3. Select the fill material

Create a gabion fence illuminated with chunks of glass

There are many options to choose from for filling the gabions. Whether stones (quarry stone, river stone, slate, sandstone, etc.), concrete, glass, earth, mussel shells or any other unusual idea, everything is allowed. The illuminated gabions look very nice if you include glass stones or chunks of glass. Because of their light transmission, they are the best material to unleash the light effect of the LED.

4. Install the baskets and set up the LED lights

Round gabion column illuminated from the inside

Start by setting up and filling the baskets with the materials you have chosen. After the first part of the filling process, create enough space to set up the LED lights. Place the LED tube on the stones and connect it to the electricity. After setting up the lights, test that they shine properly. There is nothing more annoying than lighting that doesn’t light up.

5. Fill to the end and illuminate

Make gabion lighting yourself with an LED hose

Continue to fill the baskets with the rest of the chunks of glass and / or stones. Carefully place the materials on the LED tube and when the baskets are full, seal them tightly. The gabion wall with lighting is ready! Now all you have to do is wait for sunset, turn on the lights and enjoy the great atmosphere.