Front garden design pictures and examples of inviting entrance areas

Front garden design examples of retaining wall natural stone modern stylish

The front yard poses a great challenge to all hobby gardeners. On the one hand, its direction is rather unfavorable – the builders prefer a sunny, south-facing inner courtyard, which is why most of the entrance areas are north-facing. That means – the front yard is in the shade almost all day long and is exposed to strong winds in spring and autumn. Even more so – plants and flowers have to divide the scarce plot of land in front of the house with a garden path and driveway. That makes the task even more difficult – but with a little creativity and good planning, the front yard can be transformed into a green oasis. As proof, we will show you 15 successful ones Front yard design pictures and examples. / Pictured above – a project by Secretgardens /

Front garden design pictures and examples – flowerbeds give structure to the garden

Front garden design examples pictures raised beds concrete grass cushions

If the front garden is not only in the shade, but is also on a hill, then there is only one thing left – to give the garden a structured look with raised beds. Partly shaded plants, low groups of bushes, terraced shrubs and low conifers / shown here – cypresses / are the right choice. A concrete staircase adds the concept of the Japanese garden. Project by Olivebranchoutdoor.

Front garden design pictures and examples – create a dream garden on the slope

Front garden design pictures examples of modern garden lounge chairs

The front garden on the slope is modern, easy to care for and practical. The terraced perennials, groups of bushes and deciduous trees attract attention. Desert plants add an exotic touch and bring variety. The builders have deliberately avoided flowers – because the beautiful green vegetation brings out the modern architecture better. And if the garden design is so successful, then it must be possible to admire it. A comfortable seating area makes it possible. Secretgardens project.

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Front garden design pictures and examples – garden pond as an eye-catcher

Front garden design examples garden pond water plants ornamental grasses gravel path quartz stones

The low stone wall creates a visual connection to the stone posts at the house entrance and the picket fence allows a view of the garden. The garden path made of gravel and the plants and flowers cut into shape create a good structure. A pond in the middle automatically attracts everyone’s attention and attracts butterflies and birds to the garden. Project by Stuartwebsterdesign.

Front garden design pictures and examples – classic garden in Mediterranean style

Front garden design pictures examples of trimmed plants flowerbeds stone blocks

 If the front garden leads to an old building, then a country-style garden design is appropriate. With olive trees and flowers, the outdoor area is given a Mediterranean look. The gravel path looks charming and adds to the concept. Project by Inspiredgardendesign.

Front garden design pictures and examples – cozy sitting area with fireplace

Front garden design examples paving stones terrace concrete fireplace groups of bushes

And if the house doesn’t have a backyard at all, there is only one thing left – to make the front yard as comfortable and practical as possible. Above is a successful example of the successful implementation of a minimalist concept – on the left the lawn offers pleasant hours under the sun’s rays, on the right there is a cozy seating area with a garden bench and fireplace. The wooden fence and the tall shrubs screen the corner from prying eyes. Project by Bestall.

Front garden design pictures and examples – tall ornamental grasses add a splash of color to the outside area

Front garden design pictures ornamental grasses Indiansummer red love grass

And even if nearby houses cast shadows on the front yard, the homeowners can add splashes of color to the entrance area with tall ornamental grasses like Indian Summer. Shade plants such as Günsel, Alpine silver mantle and even moss are ideally suited for use in the north garden. Project by – Digyourgarden.

 Front garden design pictures and examples – Medium-high plants for the entrance area on a slope

Front garden design pictures low groups of bushes flowers stairs gravel floor ceramic garden decoration

And if the house is on a hill, then plants of different heights can be combined – for example, low grass and succulents in the front, medium-high groups of bushes in the middle and house trees in the back. Project by Inspiredgardendesign.

Trees provide shade in the front yard

Front garden design examples of rock pear terrace sun protection concrete outdoor stairs

And what if the front yard is in the sun all day? Then tall deciduous trees can be planted in the entrance area. This protects the terrace from the strong rays of the sun. Project by Sharin Cayrns.

 Front garden design pictures and examples – classic garden design

Front garden design pictures examples of deciduous trees fountains around marble paving stones

A classically designed front yard can become a real eye-catcher. The deciduous trees and the perennials that have been trimmed into shape bring good structure, while a garden fountain attracts the bird world. The homeowners have deliberately avoided flowers and instead planted hedge plants. This is how the beautiful white facade of the house comes into its own. Secretgardens project.

Front yard design pictures and examples – plants can replace wooden fence?

Front garden design pictures examples of tall grass shrubs

Tall perennial plants can successfully replace the garden fence. In any case, you have to be careful with bamboo, especially if your own property is close to neighboring houses. Instead, tall grass and medium-high groups of bushes can do the job and screen the first floor from prying eyes. Secretgardens project.

Front garden design pictures and examples – if the entrance area is screened off with a high stone wall

Front garden design pictures examples ideas seating area terrace design

 And if the front garden is screened off with a high stone wall, the terrace can also be laid out in front. So nothing stands in the way of a cozy outdoor seating area. Secretgardens project.

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