Examples of front garden design and planning of single-family houses

examples of front garden design for single-family dormer windows

The front yard is the place most people fix first, and for good reason. Often this is what others see first when you come to visit or just pass by. A pleasant view from the street gives a sense of pride and individual achievement. But a bit of lawn, two trees and a few ornamental shrubs are far from the available options. Here are some Examples of front garden design, which should explain the most important elements to you. Street trees, trees and bushes for shell construction. Flowers, lawn and ground cover as accents. And its structural needs like walks, steps, borders, and fences.

Examples of the front garden design of a one-story house

examples of front garden design sketch trees

1a example The standard plantings for a one-story house often lack design. Here the small bushes make the house monotonous and out of place.

Examples of front garden design – the better variant of 1a

front yard planning hedges trees landscape

1b example Lower shrubs and better placed trees frame the facade, softening its lines, and connecting the house to the surrounding area.

examples of front garden design bad tree in front

2a example This typical two story house has the usual shrubs and a tree. While this front yard design isn’t that bad, there is a lack of unity in the landscape and the house seems crooked and uninteresting.

Examples of front yard design fence wood outline

2b example Instead of the tree interrupting the scene, it is in better position and further makes the house seem to appear from the street.

Border with stones

front garden design stone border vuchsbaum trees butterflies

The architectural features of your front yard will be the most expensive and durable element. You can plan this in stages: the driveway first, good stairs and porch or fence next year. Choose materials that would add to your landscape and not ruin its harmony.

Boxwood and pink hydrangeas for color

Front yard design ideas white picket fence pink hydrangeas

Plantings are easier to plant and modify, but if you put them in the right spots early on, you would go a long way. Borders give an important and neat contour to your yard, as well as dramatic contrasts of shape, texture and color.

purple shrubs as an accent

plan front yard design ideas many shrubs plants purple

Flowers, bulbs, or ground cover can be used with or in place of the other borders. Use plants with proper distribution and good year-round appearance. Do not plant the flowers by the sidewalk as they could overgrow and overgrown it.

Shrub roses

examples of front garden design rose flowers ziegelweg

Wood pergola as an eye-catcher

examples of front garden design wood pergola solar lights

Purple front door and purple bush next to it

examples of front garden design stairs shrub purple stone wall

Planter on pedestal

front garden design stairs stone planter lawn

low hedges of beech trees  example front garden design low boxwood hedges ornamental shrubs

Lawn care and shape  examples of front garden design hydrangea lawn shape

colorful variety

example front garden design driveway stone slabs bush