Creating a Japanese garden – important elements of garden design

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Create an island of calm – we’ll show you how to make a Japanese build a garden. Plan the perfect zen garden step by step.

Creating a Japanese garden – stones and art

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In the Japanese garden the stone plays an important role as the main element – it symbolizes the earth and is perceived as stable and practically eternal. That is why it is present everywhere – from a stone path to large, unworked stones that serve as accents, to stone statues that are placed in the middle of the garden. The stones can separate the areas from one another or connect them visually. Anyone Japanese build a garden should leave the space around the stone free – so that it can come into its own.

Creating a Japanese garden – grass, plants and trees

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The Japanese garden looks like a picture – and the garden frames the beautiful landscape. The cherry has become a symbol of the Zen Gardens – its flowers create contrasts. Anyone who has an allotment garden can opt for a bonsai tree. Bamboo wood can offer a suitable finishing – for example, you can build a decorative wooden fence out of bamboo. The wooden terrace in front of the house can also be made of bamboo.

Creating a zen garden – plants that could be planted there

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Creating a Japanese garden – the role of water

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We can hardly imagine a Japanese garden without water. This will make the garden look livelier and more inviting. Opt for a waterfall or pond that has only stones in it. Trees nearby will compliment the overall look. If you don’t have that much space, you can opt for a fountain – it is important that the fountain looks as natural as possible – and is made of stone again.

Exotic bamboo

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The possibilities are practically endless – so let yourself be inspired by these wonderful pictures and ideas on how to create a Japanese garden and create your dream oasis!

The Japanese garden – grass and bonsai tree

Bonsai Tree-Japanese Zen Feng Shui Art

The Japanese garden should appear spacious and not overcrowded

Create allotment gardens in Japanese style

Bonsai tree in the middle of the allotment garden

Garden design Japanese style bonsai

The stone garden path leads to the house

Garden path stones Japanese style grass

Water in the Japanese garden – pond with stone bridge

Elements Japanese garden water

Important elements of the Japanese garden – stones, trees and a Japanese-style garden house

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Bamboo fence frames the Japanese garden

Japanese style courtyard interior design ideas

Stone and water go hand in hand in the Japanese garden

Japanese style garden path

Japanese-style garden shed – so you can enjoy your garden even in bad weather

Build a Japanese style garden house

Small fountain in the Japanese garden

Build your own water garden-Japanese style

Hobby gardeners can even build the Japanese-style garden shed

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Japanese garden lay-out stone

Stone path Japanese garden design

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