Creating a hillside garden and designing a terrace – tips from the professionals

create a hillside garden minimalistic design pond lawn terrace

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – the homeowners of this hillside property have for years gone without a garden. The processing is too complicated, the risk of landslides is too great. But the landscape architect Ken Pattinson and his team have proven that with a little creativity, even with a strong inclination, one can find oneself Create a hillside garden leaves.

Create a hillside garden – combine the individual elements

slope garden create gravel wood beams flowers bush idea

The landscaping company Art in Green created the garden on three levels. First the terrain was secured against landslides, then three individual terraces were designed and covered with natural stone slabs. A staircase brings structure to the garden, connects the terraces and leads to the house. Two small ponds with water plants make the garden attractive for lovers of peace and nature. The paving stones merge into a wooden terrace, where two lounge chairs invite you to sunbathe. A narrow lawn was created on the right. The clear division of the individual zones is particularly advantageous for hillside gardens. Privacy is ensured thanks to tall hedge plants. The individual design elements fit together perfectly – and whoever has a modern one Create a hillside garden can be inspired by it.

Creating a hillside garden – the tips of the professionals

create a hillside garden wood floor bushes bushes

If you too have a beautiful and safe Create a hillside garden you have to consider these tips. It is very important to prevent a landslide. If the slope in the garden is not too steep, a gabion can help. Make garden paths out of concrete – they are more stable and will last a long time. Terraces visually separate the garden and make gardening much easier – a lawn can be created on the first terrace and a cozy seating area can be created on the second.

retaining wall

slope garden create stone wall ground cover idea rustic

Modern garden design – cover the terrace with natural stone slabs

Water features garden design stone slabs hedge plants

Hedge plants provide privacy in the allotment garden

Shape terrace river stones pebbles perennials

The lawn visually connects the individual areas

different levels slope location evergreen perennials

Rattan lounge chairs invite you to relax

Perennial reclining chairs rattan summer garden

Garden pond with water plants

Create garden pond hillside garden ideas landslide

Evergreen perennials with a uniform habit

Plants evergreen shrubs privacy protection ideas

Subtle lighting with LED built-in lights

shape staircase stone wood bench flower pots

The garden is a place of rest

Paving stones stairs hedge plant potted flowers evergreen

A refuge in the middle of the big city

Garden pond recessed stairs paving stones concrete

Create garden pond stone slabs of evergreen plants

Select white retaining wall terraces flooring

Terracing lighting concrete pavement stones stairs

Laying stairs in the garden – a decorative element or necessity