Creating a garden path – the advantages of bricks and clinker

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The garden is the private oasis for relaxation and retreat. Of course, every garden requires a good design concept. A garden path fits harmoniously into the overall picture of the garden. So who one Create a garden path wants and is looking for ideas, must first be informed at least about the advantages of the different materials. We offer you a few pictures and useful information about the brick garden paths.

Create a garden path with bricks and clinker

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At the beginning of the planning, think about the purpose for which you want to use the garden path. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can do your own Design the garden path. The garden path enables the areas in the garden to be reached quickly and cleanly. A winding path, for example, is better than a decorative garden path. Thanks to their versatility, clinker bricks have become a popular surface. These are ideal for curved garden paths as well as the edge of another paving material.

Creating a red brick garden path

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The range of bricks is so large that the right stone in the right color can be found for every house. Bricks create eye-catching effects in the garden and convey warmth and Mediterranean flair. They are traditionally laid as a walk-in herringbone bond. But you can also choose other interesting laying patterns. In combination with colored bricks or clinker bricks and natural stone, a beautiful one can be created Create a garden path.

Design an individual garden path – popular materials


Bricks and clinker bricks are popular hard materials in Create a garden path, that create a visual connection between garden and house. You can walk barefoot on a brick path – the natural material stores the heat of the sun. Compared to open-pored bricks, the frost-resistant double-fired bricks are a better inexpensive investment for your garden. In contrast to bricks, however, clinker bricks are more durable, more water-repellent and therefore more resistant to erosion. Bricks and clinker are always laid between solid edges so that they cannot slip sideways. However, this is not time consuming.

Garden path in a zigzag pattern

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Brick path and stone stairs

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Lay the garden serpentine bricks

Mediterranean flair

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Meandering path in the garden made of clinker bricks

Brick Flooring Garden Path Ideas

Attractive landscaping path from bricks bricks

Gardening landscape ideas Garden paths made of clinker bricks

Laying garden design bricks

Red bricks create a classic garden path



Garden Brick Paver Path With Arbor


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