Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden: this is how you create an oasis with cottage charm!

The country house garden exudes rural charm and combines the design principles of the French cottage garden with those of classic English landscaping. The focus of the country house garden is naturalness. Colorful perennials, lush flowering climbing plants and trees are just as much a part of a harmonious overall picture in the country house style as flower beds. A country-style flower bed looks natural and at the same time scores with well thought-out planning. We offer you several garden plans and explain how you can skillfully combine the plants.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden: the basic principles of designing an oasis in the English cottage style

Create a flower bed in a country house style Combine flowers

The country house garden is one of the most popular forms of garden design. Similar to the classic English garden, great importance is attached to a clear division of the outdoor area into different zones. This certain formality is relaxed by the organic design of the individual elements. Colorful ornamental beds with meadow flowers and lush bushes add to the charm of the garden style. In the end, the home garden looks playful, free and naturally beautiful. By the way, the greatest advantage of the country house garden is that it can be implemented on both small and large plots. The hobby gardener should take a few things into account when planting. These are the most important tips for creating a country-style flower bed:

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden Tips for hobby gardeners

  • Choose flowers and plants that are lush and blooming. You can do this with a simple trick: Plant the flowers of one species close together. Choose medium-high to high flowers that visually separate the individual areas in the garden from each other.
  • Combine plants in pastel colors or plants from the same color palette to create a harmonious overall picture.
  • When designing, pay attention to the flowering times of the various plants and plan the flowerbed so that there is a splendor of flowers throughout the gardening season.
  • Rely on fast-growing classics such as roses or marigolds.
  • Don’t forget to include a stylish border for the bed. It fulfills several functions at the same time: it can separate the flowerbed from the lawn or from the garden path, making gardening much easier. It also gives the flowerbed structure and brings it into the desired shape. Make sure, however, that the border of the bed looks as natural as possible. You can use natural materials such as stone or wood for this purpose.
  • Plant not only visually appealing varieties, but also fragrant plants and cut flowers.

Designing a flowerbed in a country house garden: naturalness is a top priority

Create a country-style flower bed and choose flowers that you sow yourself

When designing a country-style flower bed, the same rules as usual do not apply. The tall flowers do not have to be planted automatically at the back, they are distributed evenly in the flowerbed. The goal: The flower bed should look as natural as possible. Rely on annual flowers like meadow daisies that sow themselves. These surprise guests are welcome in the country house garden and ensure a harmonious overall picture. Incidentally, this also includes the decorative basket, the Byzantine Siegwurz and the vetch. With these meadow flowers, romance is guaranteed to come into the garden.

Marguerites and meadow flowers in the flowerbed next to the garden path

Also, forget about the design principles of modern landscaping. In the cottage garden, naturalness is very important. Garden paths and flower beds with clear lines are therefore out of place. If you want to structure the garden, you can plant boxwood on the edge of the flowerbed.

If you want to create a small country-style garden, you can do without the lawn and plant ornamental grass in the flowerbed instead. Let your creativity run free and design a flower bed directly on the garden fence.

The hillside garden poses a major challenge for most hobby gardeners. Instead of dividing the hillside plot into several levels, as is often the case with the minimalist garden, try to create a natural transition between the plants.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden: This is how you combine the flowers for a harmonious overall picture

Creating a flower bed in a country house style Tips for hobby gardeners

In order to create an effective flowerbed, first choose several plants that match the character of the country house garden and set accents with their shape. Abundant flowering perennials such as hydrangeas can play the main role in the ensemble. The farmer’s hydrangea “Altona” is compact, scores with a long flowering period from July to October and produces dusky pink to sky-blue flowers. The ball hydrangea “Anabelle” is an absolute classic in the country house garden. It is particularly popular for its large, spherical flowers in white and its long flowering time from June to September. The panicle hydrangea “Vanille Fraise” is a real eye-catcher in the cottage garden. Its flowers change color from pink to dark red over the course of summer.

Plant the flowerbed in the country house garden with lavender on the edge

Another important design element in the flowerbed are the fragrant plants. A lavender hedge, for example of the “blue” variety, on the edge of the flowerbed fulfills several functions: it frames the garden path optically, is a wonderful sight and at the same time keeps aphids away from the other flowers. Incidentally, the perfect combination partner for the lavender hedge are roses.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden. Roses care

Roses are one of the most important parts of a country style flower bed. A large selection of varieties is available in the garden center. Perennials like the variety “Getrude Jekyll” and “Munstead Wood” or “Madame Hardy” are very robust and are perfect for a large flower bed. The climbing rose “Kiftsgate” is also a real eye-catcher, especially when the flowerbed is laid out around a high tree. The variety “The Albrighton Rambler” has a compact habit and is therefore perfect for a small flower bed, for example next to the terrace. It also blooms several times a year and therefore ensures the right country house garden look throughout the gardening season.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden ground cover

Perennial plants are ideal for the corners of the country-style flower bed. You can fill in gaps and add color accents with flowers such as delphinium, mullein, carnation, crown carnation and star umbel.

The garden cranesbill “Ann Folkard” cuts a fine figure on the edge of the flower bed. The flower scores with a strong growth and a beautiful purple bloom with a black eye.

Flowers like the carnation variety “Totatlly Tangerine”, which blooms all summer long and is also suitable as a cut flower, and the meadow rue “Black Stockings” add variety to the flower ensemble.

Finally, don’t forget to add a few late flowering plants to the arrangement. The dahlia, which is considered the queen of the country house garden, the sun hat, which with its bright flowers creates a happy mood, and the pseudo sun hat, which is a real magnet for butterflies, bloom until October. The autumn cyclamen can effectively complete the autumn ensemble.

Create a flower bed in a country house style: These flowers are perfect as accents in the country house garden

Creating a flower bed in a country house style Tips and tricks

The country-style flower bed consists primarily of seasonal flowers, fragrant plants, and plants that attract bees and butterflies. For a change, you can display planters and rose arches on the edge of the flowerbed. Keep to the rule of thumb: The garden should look lush. These plants come into question:


Flower bed in a country style flower dahlia

The dahlias are among those who love the sun. They do best in full sun and need a humus-rich soil that is permeable to water. The correct time to plant may vary depending on the variety, but for most it is late May. Dahlias are perfect as cut flowers and give off a gentle scent that attracts bees and butterflies to the garden.


Create a country house garden which flowers begonias in the bed

The begonias are perfect for the small garden. They thrive in both shady and partial shade. The begonias are among the most popular potted plants, in the flower bed in the country house garden they cut a good figure as a border on the edge.


Planting gladiolus flowers in the country house garden

The variety of shapes is decisive for a stylish country-style garden. The gladioli grow in height and can therefore create exciting contrasts. Combine them with rhododendrons and small plants. The gladioli grow quickly in a sunny spot. They are suitable as cut flowers. In the country house garden, they look particularly good at the edge of the flower bed.


Create a flowerbed in the country house garden. Plant tuberoses

The tuberoses give off a strong scent and attract butterflies and bees to the garden at home. They love sunny and shady locations and are the perfect partner for the gladioli.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden: Example of a wonderful combination of flowers

Country garden design ideas for plant combinations

So that you get a better idea of ​​how you can effectively combine the individual flowers in the country house garden, we offer you a design idea in the cottage style. The plants prefer a sunny to shady location and a loose, humus-rich soil with good drainage. These are the flowers and plants at a glance:

Create a flower bed next to the garden fence in a country house style

  • The red carnation of the “Clifford Moor” variety. The meadow flower is particularly popular because of its pink flowers and is therefore often found in natural gardens. It has a very long flowering time and can produce flowers until the first frost.
  • The spring carnation of the “Firewitch” variety is a flower with a compact growth and deeply incised flowers. The feather carnation attracts bees and butterflies to the natural garden.
  • The fragrance stone rich is the perfect companion for the carnations in the country house garden. The plant forms small white flowers that give off a sweet scent in the garden.
  • The phlox is one of the most popular perennials in the country house garden. Nowadays there is a wide range of different varieties of flame flower cultivars available. In the garden centers you can find a great variety from early flowering to frost-resistant phlox varieties.
  • The Californian poppy ensures blooming splendor in the summer months. Its flowers shine in golden yellow and automatically attract attention.

Creating a flowerbed in the country house garden Tips for hobby gardeners

Before planting, lay a drainage layer of expanded clay. Then distribute the flowers in groups of three in the bed. The optimal distance between the groups is 30 cm. Fertilize the flowers with an organic fertilizer in liquid form. The plants need at least 6 hours a day of direct sunlight and must be watered every three days for the first year. In the second year, you can water them once a week. Cut off the withered flowers regularly. In this way you ensure that the flowers form new blossoms quickly and extend the flowering time.