Create your own rock garden in a few simple steps

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Between the concrete walls of the big city, we very often dream of the freshness of the mountains and the green of the meadows. Garden designers have already invented a way to make you feel good at home, which is now entirely possible with the help of a rock garden. Today we want to share some general steps with you, as you can your own own rock garden can create at home. This will not only bring a bit of alpine flair to your garden exterior, but also ensure many pleasant and relaxing hours outdoors.

Step 1 to your own rock garden: Determine what exactly you want to create

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Here, many people are spoiled for choice, because a real rock garden is actually quite a large garden, for the design of which stones of various sizes are used. Frost-hard alpine flowers and drought-resistant plants grow there. Of course, you could create a smaller garden in your own courtyard, where you can also grow different types of plants on a smaller area and bring the Japanese charm back home.

First of all, you need to determine the location of your rock garden


A good start is an important prerequisite for the success of the entire project. So, it is essential for the plants to thrive in the rock garden, exactly where it is located. Therefore, think carefully about the location of your rock garden, choose the right place in the yard that you want to turn into a rock garden. You can also create the rock garden on flat terrain, but prefer a slightly hilly landscape. You can also build a small hill by backing up earth. And then something else important: Your rock garden should be in a sunny spot. Partial shade is also possible in principle, but full shade is not desirable. The plants for rock gardens love sunny places!

What is a rock garden without stones?design-your-own-rock-garden-pond-garden-decoration-ornamental grass-dryness

After you have already determined the location of your rock garden, you can go to the next step in the realization of your project. You now need the background material – stones and earth. Stones can be light, they are more noticeable than dark ones. In principle, one does not take very many stones, they are chosen according to the size of the rock garden. The smallest stone should be the size of a fist. Better to use stones of one kind! They make a better look in the garden!

The second thing that shouldn’t be underestimated is soil soil. You can only be amazed to see how much of it disappears between the stones. So you need to get a sufficiently large amount of soil. Soon you will plant the alpine flowers in it.

What else can you create in your own rock garden to make its look more interesting?


If you have a lot more and more terrain, then you may need a couple of trails through your rock garden. This can best be created from small stones, for example stone or gravel.

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Your rock garden will be a real eye-catcher outdoors if you also let a stream run down there. For this you need round river pebbles or other round or flattened stones.


If you really want to provide a special highlight, then think of a staircase on the slope – something like that looks interesting, laid out completely naturally! And so that you completely round off the design of your rock garden, you can also place small figures there, which also bring a lot of variety to the overall picture.

Hardy flowers and perennial plants for your own rock garden


When the time comes and you want to plant your own rock garden, then you have done most of the work, now you have the pleasant one: select flowers and plants and plant them. This step of the rock garden design is just as important as the others, because the harmonious picture depends a lot on your choice of flowers. Plants that can be found in the mountains are characteristic of your small, exotic landscape. These have adapted well to the climatic conditions there, they can also get by with little water. When choosing flowers, you do not have to do without beautiful flowering plants for your rock garden.

We have already emphasized that the rock garden must be in a sunny location, so it is said that its ideal location would be if it was oriented to the south or south-west. You can choose from perennial alpine plants and rock garden perennials for your planting. This is how you really create a great picture in your rock garden oasis.

Selection of perennial plants for the rock garden


So many different types of flowers and hardy plants for the rock garden are available in the flower shops and also in online purchases that you can absolutely find the right plant for your taste. These plants are perennial, they can hibernate well outside, so you hardly have to worry about caring for them. But every year you will be given anew with their blaze of color!


If you want to make the right choice, then choose the upholstered shrub immediately. This is the classic among rock garden plants. This is a perennial, herbaceous plant, it can grow up to 30 centimeters high and looks very compact. But maybe you would like some taller plants in your rock garden? Then we can recommend the beautiful sedum plant to you! You can plant them or even dwarf trees-both are very appropriate for your purpose!


The following flowers are also very popular for the rock garden: cat’s paws, carnation, alpine aster, smaller bellflower species, gentian species and fuchsias.

Some of the rock garden shrubs that are particularly popular with rock garden hobby gardeners should also be mentioned here. These include the stone pouch, stone herb, candytuft, as well as the blue pillow and the Carpathian bellflower.


Your rock garden will be a real eye catcher all year round when interesting evergreen plants grow there. Bet on dwarf conifers and you won’t go wrong. They are green in winter and will ensure that your rock garden always has a nice look.

And what do you think of a few splashes of color there? These will spice up the whole look of your rock garden. In early spring you can plant primrose hybrids, their pale pink flowers will charm you with their beautiful sight for a long time! Liverworts are also a great colorful highlight in the rock garden, so you can also consider this tip, yes?

We wish you every success and good luck in designing your rock garden!

Rock garden on a hilly landscape

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Create a rock garden on flat terrain



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