Corten steel in the garden – 57 ideas and possible uses


Weatherproof structural steel, still known as Corten steel, is a material that is often used in today’s landscape architecture. As a design object, as a privacy screen or a great replacement for a fence, he finds Corten steel in the garden its individual use. It is not only very popular for its high resistance to weathering, but also for its noble-looking patina with a patina look. Check out some great uses and learn more about this material.

Corten steel in the garden with a noble look and feel


The name Cor-Ten-Stahl was composed of the syllables COR (Corrosion Resistance) or Rust Resistance and TEN (Tensile Strenght) for tensile strength. The inexpensive but corrosion-resistant structural steel was developed by the US Steel Corporation and a patent was applied for in the USA in 1932. Under the influence of natural weather conditions and special treatment with aggressive gases, a thin, hard layer of rust forms, which protects the steel from further corrosion. The formation of this barrier layer and the patina of the patina begins after a few weeks and is only completed after one and a half to five years. It renews and changes constantly with time and weather processes.

Corten steel can be used in a variety of ways in the garden

corten-steel-garden-ideas-water feature-pond-decorative-panels

Corten steel is very versatile in the garden. Popular examples are the raised beds for flower and vegetable gardens, which contrast sharply with green plants. In our picture gallery you will also find privacy fences, decorative water-cut wall panels, planters, fountains with waterfalls, fire pits and much more. The natural rust color exudes a special charm and looks warm, but also rough and modern at the same time. Its earthy, warm color scheme is particularly appreciated by landscape architects and artists, because it changes again and again over time, which makes each object unique. And the best part is that there are no corrosion protection costs. An ideal building material in modern garden and landscape design!

the noble-looking patina harmonises with the green plantings

Corten steel in the garden-ideas-vertical-garden-plants

decorative laser carved panels

Corten steel in the garden -plate-deco-ideas-

The weatherproof structural steel is particularly useful in the garden

corten-steel-garden-ideas-raised bed-tree grids

decorative wall panel as an accent in the dining area on the terrace


the corten steel panel protects the wall from the open flames

Corten steel in the garden ideas-open-wood-fireplace-wall protection

Corten steel with a slightly changing color

corten steel-garden-ideas-stairs-privacy protection-raised bed

round fire bowls made of corten steel


Corten steel plate as fire protection

corten steel wall garden concrete fireplace protection

 Wall panels made of corten steel with laser-cut decorations

corten steel-garden-ideas-wall-decoration-laser-cut-panels-tree-motif

beautiful, natural patina of patina


perforated wall panels as decoration in the backyard

corten steel-garden-decoration-ideas-terrace-dining-area-grill

“Crossed” corten steel bench by Lab23


Curvo bench


Zadig bench for outside


Outdoor fireplace made of corten steel from Zeno Products

corten-steel-garden-ideas-zeno-retta-chimney-wood shelf

Outdoor fireplace with firewood shelf

corten steel-garden-ideas-fireplace-firewood-shelf-gabions

corten steel-garden-ideas-grill-outdoor-kitchen-concrete-wall


corten steel privacy screen perforated laser wood bench

Corten steel in the garden ideas-raised bed-water system-decorative-panels




corten-steel-garden-ideas-water feature-fountain

corten steel-garden-gate-lattice-gate-gabion-fence

corten steel-privacy wall-raised bed-ornamental grass-entrance




corten steel garden planter boxwood ball

corten steel-raised bed-round-vegetable garden-ideas-

corten steel-garden-ideas-raised bed-vegetable garden

corten steel-garden-ideas-water feature-floor-lights-gravel



corten steel-garden-ideas-retaining wall-hillside


corten steel-garden-ideas-raised bed-gabion-combination





corten steel-garden-bed-edging-ornamental-grass-stones




decorative-laser-cut-corten-steel-panels-garden decoration

Corten steel-garden-agave-planter-container-garden paths-gravel-privacy screen-metal

Corten steel-garden-circles-concrete-plants-wood-construction-pergola-lawn

Corten steel-garden-planter-plant-grow-terrace-doors-outddor

Corten steel-garden-lawn-boxwood-constructions-garden design-pond-trees-shade

Corten steel-garden-pond-water-river stones-earth-garden design