Building instructions for garden fountains for a dreamlike water garden

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We’ll help you one Garden fountain Build it yourself from an urn – here are the instructions. Create a paradise in your back yard with these ideas.

Garden fountain made of ceramic vessel – preparation and material selection

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Before you go to work, prepare the terrain – think carefully about where you want to put the urn. You can use your new Garden fountain surrounded with plants and flowers. A stone path can lead to this cozy area, and a comfortable bench or other garden furniture will ensure pleasant hours in the open air. You may be able to build a stone floor for the well / ceramic vessel full of water weighs quite a bit and can tip over if the soil is unstable /. For this garden fountain you will need the following materials – ceramic vessel with dimensions at least 20cm high and diameter of at least 15cm, well pump / we recommend one with solar panels – this way you are more flexible and can also build the well deep in the garden. In addition, this variant is more environmentally friendly /. When you buy the pump, ask the store what safety measures you need to take.

Build your own garden fountain – instructions


Drill a hole at the bottom for the pump cable and place the pump in the ceramic vessel. Insulate the hole for the cable with silicone. Connect the water nozzle to the pump. The water nozzle should stand approx. 5 cm higher than the ceramic vessel. Fill the vessel with water and switch on the pump. Solar panel pumps take some time to charge before starting to work. Complete! Now you have created your own island of tranquility and can enjoy it. Have fun!



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