Bed surrounds made of stone, wood or plastic – an overview

Stone edging granite-lawn-flowerbed-mulch-garden design

A beautiful garden design requires a lot of care and creative ideas. Beds for flowers, herbs or vegetables keep the garden tidy and are a good change from the sometimes boring, empty lawn. If you want to protect your beds from weeds and the invasion of the lawn, then comes one Flower bed edging made of stone, wood, plastic or even metal to help. In the article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials and nice ideas for a tidy garden. Create a beautiful garden design and clear boundaries between the individual elements and areas to create more structure and order.

The stone edging creates clear structures

Stone edging, contrasting sandstone, lawn, flowerbed and gravel

If you attach great importance to the look of the garden, then the stone border is an appropriate decision. Stones give the garden a special character and create a pleasant atmosphere. They ensure an elegant garden design and you can choose from a large variety of materials that differ in shape and color and can thus meet your needs and wishes. You can use them to create straight, curvy and curved stone surrounds.

The metal bed frame ensures more order in the garden

Building a bed border – a bed border made of wood, metal or stone

Design the edge of the lawn in the garden – a selection of materials

Find the right material for the stone border

Flower bed edging made of stone flowerbed-raised bed-facade cladding-adapt

To find the right type of stone for the bed border, you can use the stones already in the area as a guide. If the facade of the house, the garden path or the terrace is clad with stones, you can use the same or a similar-looking type of stone for the beds. This gives your garden a perfect thematic look in which the colors used represent a beautiful interplay.

Bed border made of concrete or natural stone

Stone-edging natural stone-lawn edging-mulch-lawn area-separate

Natural stones have a natural effect that is perfect for outdoor areas such as gardens. In addition, a solid stone bed surround is built using a concrete foundation to protect the planting from weeds and pests. Natural stones should be laid flush in the ground to create a solid edge. A great property of this type of stone is its weather resistance, which makes it suitable for edging beds everywhere in the garden.

Use bricks or clinker bricks for the stone border

Border of stone bricks-round-bed-small-tree-flowerbed

Bricks and clinker stones make a special impression in the garden. They can be used for decorations and garden paths as well as for border borders. Whether used upright or horizontally – the brick edging always looks beautiful. You can also get such bricks cheaply from a construction site or just use the leftover bricks from the last wall construction.

These edging are also practical if you want to create somewhat higher beds. You can build them as high as you want and create beds in this way as in the picture above. Oh, here you can play with your position again. Not all bricks need to be laid in the same direction.

Concrete palisades – the long-lasting solution for raised beds


High-lying beds in the garden can be beautifully and safely bordered with palisades. Concrete palisades with sizes up to 120 centimeters can be found in most hardware stores. Since they are built deep into the ground, you should note that about a third of them will disappear into the ground. If you have decided on the edging of palisades, you should also think about installing barrier sheets to prevent the earth from being washed out through the joints of the palisades.

Granite bed surround


Granite is a popular material for edging stone beds. It has a lovely gray color that is easy to spot in the green garden. This stone is a nice design idea for the border of flower beds. In addition, it is a very robust type of stone that can withstand all weather conditions and will adorn your garden berries for a long time.

The stone edging makes mowing the lawn easier


If the foundation is laid firmly in the ground, there is no risk of destroying the structure of the stone border. This also makes mowing the lawn around the bed and on the edge of the lawn easier. The grass no longer grows directly in the bed and no longer has to cut it by hand. A neat border is created that will make your outdoor area look tidier.

Other types of stone for stone beds

Bed-edging-stone-gabion-raised bed-plants-wire mesh

Small beds look nice with a border of gravel. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an optically elegant decision for a solid border for a raised bed, then we recommend gabions. They bring safety to the planting and have a great look. They guarantee that even in the heaviest of rain no landslide can occur and your construction stays where it is. Gabions also look very modern and can be filled with different materials.

Light edging made of wood


Bed frames made of wood have a beautiful look and have a more creative function. They are reminiscent of nature and are suitable for gardens in a natural style. Wooden edging is quick and easy to make yourself, but never offers a perfectly rounded shape for the edge of the bed, but always has a certain angular look, which does not mean that they are less attractive. Nevertheless, you have a certain charm that is appreciated by many gardeners.

In contrast to the stone border edging, the variants are not durable and have to be regularly maintained with new paint and replaced after a certain period of time. However, if you want a weathered look, you will still like the wood very much even after several years. This look goes especially well with the rustic and shabby chic garden.

Durable types of wood for edging beds

Bed-edging-wood-round-wooden palisade-plant beds-garden design

The different types of wood have different properties and lifespans. For garden owners looking for a durable material for edging beds, durable woods such as oak, larch or Douglas fir are best. Although they are usually more expensive than the other types of wood, you end up getting them cheaper because you don’t have to change them as often. Nevertheless, it should be noted that every wood should receive a pre-treatment before it is used in the moist soil.

Bamboo for an elegant bed


You can use bamboo for the decorative delimitation of round or square beds. For a flexible design, the bamboo garden bed surround is often offered in a rolled form, which is intended for easy use. Several bamboo sticks are already connected to each other so that you do not have to stick them all one by one in the earth.

Bed border made of wood with wicker fence


Edging for beds with wicker fences or willow branches is a more decorative option. Such borders are suitable for beds with such plants that do not need special care. The look of the wicker fence changes over time – some branches can spread outside the fence because of the wind or other weather conditions. If you want a perfectly shaped border, you should choose a different material.

Disadvantages of edging made of wood


Wooden bed borders are usually not weather resistant and can be destroyed by heavy rain or storms. In addition, the wooden pegs and rollboards do not offer complete protection against pests. So before making your choice, it is best to consider all the advantages and disadvantages and get information about all material variants at the hardware store or garden center. There you will not only get an informative overview, but you can also inquire about the prices.

Wooden palisades for border borders

Bed border-wood-wooden pegs-rollboard-bed border-flower bed

Edging with wooden palisades is always popular because it looks beautiful and can be optically adapted to existing garden furniture. Such variants made of halved pegs are slightly higher than the classic bed borders and are therefore used to frame raised beds or simply to create a higher border. The latter is only advantageous if there are no particularly low plants in the bed. These are then no longer clearly visible.

And how about a plastic bed frame?


Edging made of rubber bands, recycled materials or profiles made of plastic are inexpensive and easy to use, as the ground does not have to be dug up to lay them. Elastic tape and other plastic bedding materials can be easily cut with scissors to get the shape you want and then stuck into the soil between the bed and the lawn, which is very easy due to its very thin shape. You can also use a rubber mallet.

Disadvantages of plastic

Flower bed edging-plastic-elastic-flowerbed-edging

The plastic bed border is not very stable. It is not at all as durable as a bed border made of stone or metal. Under certain circumstances, the plastic of garden tools can be damaged and the frost makes the material brittle. So whether it is worth investing in this type of edging for garden beds should be considered carefully. At least they are suitable as a temporary solution because they are very cheap to buy.

Edging made of plastic with a wood look


If you don’t necessarily want to use natural materials for edging the bed, but still prefer a wood look, you can use plastic variants that represent a wood pattern. The models are very attractive and adapt to the natural environment despite the artificial material. They are a good alternative to stone edging and are also worth considering.

A clear separation in the garden is made with plastic


The bed border with a rubber ring is suitable for beds with mulching, as the ring separates it perfectly from the lawn. A visible border is used, which gives a clear indication of which area one should not enter. At the same time, this border is only discreetly visible and therefore not so intrusive. So if you don’t necessarily want a conspicuous border or want to give the impression that mulch would go straight into the lawn, you can use a rubber ring.

Border edging – the fence for your plants


A nice design idea for the border of the bed would be to design it like a fence. However, it shouldn’t be too high for easy access. You can use different materials for this. You have already seen the variant with wood from halved wooden pegs. There are also beautiful models made of clay or you can use ordinary roof tiles. You might even have some lying around after renovating an old roof that you could use. Otherwise, suitable models can also be found made of plastic, so that you don’t have to search long to find something suitable.