Beautiful sculptures made of flowers decorate the park in Mexico

Flowers japanese florist beautiful decoration idea garden

Two big ones Sculptures from flowers recently decorated a park in Mexico City, and the famous Japanese florist Azuma Makoto once again proved his talent by arranging the flower arrangements that delighted tourists and locals alike.

Beautiful sculptures made of flowers in the middle of the big city

modern flower arrangements plants Mexico big city

As part of an art exhibition, the Japanese florist did Azuma Makoto two Sculptures from flowers arranged. Placed at the entrance to the city park, the sculptures welcomed the tourists and the locals. The park is one of the largest green zones in the city – and its hallmark are the 10 oversized vases – 8 of them made of bronze and two of them marble. The artist arranged his flower arrangements in the marble vases. The first was inspired by Mexico. The sculpture is a mix of native and exotic plants and flowers. The arrangement looks cheerful – and perfectly reflects the temperament of the Mexicans. The second design is inspired by Japan. Made entirely of green plants, it is influenced by the minimalist style in the country.

Sculptures made of flowers symbolize the connection between man and nature

Arrangement Mexico vase marble Japanese style

Mexico and Japan are far from each other. But the two cultures have one thing in common – they place great value on the preservation of nature. the Sculptures from flowers by the Japanese florist symbolize this connection between man and nature. His arrangements served as inspiration for numerous artists from all over the world. The Japanese also organized a week-long workshop for them as part of the art exhibition, where he presented interesting new techniques. Over 40 participants took part.

The two flower arrangements were presented as part of an art exhibition

Flower arrangements enormous park entrance Mexico

Azuma Makoto is working on his project

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The design was inspired by Japanese art and nature

Flowers arrangements modern art modern stylish

Local and exotic flowers and plants were used for the arrangements

Workshop step by step by Japanese artists

Colorful and happy – inspired by Mexico 

Mexico City Summer Park Tourists Attraction

As part of a one-week workshop, the artist showed different techniques

Flower arrangements beautiful composition vase marble

It took him a day for each arrangement

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The entrance from the park 

Arrangements Arrangements Sights Mexico Park

Tourists attraction art exhibition arrangements flowers Mexico

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