36 inspiring examples of successful garden design

garden design idea desert design terrace seating area flowers pink

We already have numerous inspiring ideas for you Garden design presents. But somehow there are always some garden designs that don’t belong to any particular category. We have dedicated this article to precisely these outstanding and unique designs.

1. Garden design like the professionals – create a desert garden in the backyard

garden design desert garden idea succulent tree exotic

A cool idea for Garden design for everyone who likes to experiment. If you have a small sunny backyard, you can create a desert or rock garden there. Hardy cacti and succulents can easily survive the frost. These plants are surprisingly persistent and also look very attractive. Our tip – choose cacti that do not need rain protection and plant them in pots. So you can bring the cactus garden into the house in winter.

Cacti for the desert garden design

garden design raised bed idea plants stones desert look

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Designing a rock garden – useful tips, ideas and examples

Rock garden design with sand

garden design garden path cacti stones rock garden

Garden bed with succulents

garden design bed succulents cacti fountain terraces deco

The entrance from the desert garden

Succulents in the garden design ideas principles ideas

Cacti and palm trees love the sun, but can withstand frost without any problems

Staircase succulents palms pebble perennials shrubs

Design the front garden – instead of flowers, the garden owners have opted for succulents

Garden design stone path create palm succulents

The cacti are extremely easy to care for

Garden hardy cacti blooming in outdoor area

create examples design ideas cacti succulents

Sandstone red brick garden path pergola sun protection

2. Garden design – the minimalist trend

Succulent wooden fence garden gate design Japanese style

The dream garden not only looks good, it is also very easy to care for. Keep the gardening to a minimum and create a rock garden or a garden in a minimalist style according to the motto “less is more”. Our tip – the rock garden requires a certain amount of prior knowledge and good planning. Even transporting the stones is a very laborious job. Therefore, seek advice in advance!

Staircase made of pebbles and wood as an accent in the garden

create ideas examples attractive design wood stairs

Japanese style garden

Ideas small trees perennials garden Japanese style

For the garden on a slope – gabion with integrated bench

Ideas examples gabion integrated garden bench wood

For the rock garden – the wooden bridge as a decorative object

Country style old tree garden houses bridge

Evergreen plants in the garden

Garden accents low shrubs green privacy screens

3. Garden design tips – when space is limited

Examples design fireplace outdoor folding chair metal fence

With limited space, only one thing helps – good planning. Choose plants that don’t grow too fast or too vigorously. Space-saving alternatives are, for example, the vertical garden, where the wooden fence is planted. High hedge plants will also shield the outside area from the neighbors.

Parasol trellis climbing plants cozy seating area

Ideas metal fence privacy screen tall grass exotic plants

Fence statue laying succulents vertical garden

Rattan chairs wood table original space-saving furniture

Chairs backyard vertical garden shape perennials

planted roof original eco-friendly idea

hardy succulent design ideas beautiful corner

4. Blooming garden in spring and summer

cozy sitting area beautiful rattan furniture dark color wood

A clever trick that many experienced gardeners use – you are planting spring and summer flowering plants in a flowerbed. In this way, you will always enjoy a lush display of flowers. To ensure that the potted plants grow evenly, turn the plant pots a little every day.

original ideas garden design create path

5. Garden on the balcony – succulents

Make plant ideas yourself aquarium garden decoration

Plants plates arrange ideas tips small room decoration

Rattan basket combine cool ideas examples of garden design

Combine succulents attractively flaunt

Palm raised beds bring metal houseplants outside in summer

Succulent terrarium ideas examples clam moss

Create a garden path, lawn, gazebo, tall perennials