30 ideas for inexpensive garden design and decoration

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For all passionate gardeners who either have little time or not enough money for Garden design we have prepared some tips on how to make your garden affordable and modern. All you need is an open air space and lots of imagination. Before you start, you should be aware that an elaborately landscaped garden requires a lot of maintenance and time. So adapt the choice of plant species and quantities to your free time in order to be able to provide the necessary care.

Creative and affordable garden design – 10 tips

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Plan all the elements of the garden design to save time and money

1. If you know exactly what you want, you can really choose the cheapest option for that Garden design Find. You should think carefully about how you plan to use your garden and how much time you are willing to invest in maintaining it. First plan how the garden should look according to your ideas, only then buy the necessary plants, decorations and furniture. For those who want to do everything themselves – this is without question one of the cheap ideas, but it also takes a lot of time.

Garden art and furniture design

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2. Would you like a designer garden with original elements, decorations and a unique design? For those willing to spend more money on it, it might be better to hire a professional designer for that Garden design to commission. He will also help you with the planning, respond to your wishes, but also give suggestions for a better design, because after all he has a certain amount of experience.

Advice from professionals


3. Advice from a gardening expert could always be of use to you – with your rough ideas and his know-how, you would definitely come to a surprising result Garden design come. Garden maintenance by a professional can be limited to seasonal work. He also knows the needs of different types of plants and can therefore tell you exactly which types are easy to care for and which suit your free time.

Outdoor garden ideas

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4. Don’t buy everything at once. Make a list of all the items and decorations available for purchase and calculate the average weekly expenses you could make. Everything that you do not need urgently can be found later. During this time you also have the opportunity to share your ideas for the Garden design to reconsider. In retrospect, you might even come up with something better.

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5. Cheap does not necessarily mean cheap. Choose the better, not necessarily the cheaper. Consider different products before you buy. Investing in teak furniture is recommended because it will last a lifetime, while cheaper wood requires much more care and may only last a few years. The same goes for other elements such as flooring, where stone is a better choice than wood, for example. So plan your expenses well in advance so that you can enjoy your garden design in the long term.

Demanding or easy-care plants?


6. The Garden design is a little challenge. Use natural materials – wood, metal and stone are particularly suitable for furnishing the patio, as well as for the decorations. An old tree trunk can be turned into a small side table. A romantic stone path made of river stones and sand can lead to the patio. For example, if you want a pond, creative ways of implementing it have to be found.

7. If you want any demanding plant species that are exotic, for example, the soil must meet certain requirements. And of course that also has an impact on the time you have to invest in maintenance. Choose the appropriate plant species for the shady, partially shaded and sunny areas in your garden.

Scarf stones ideas from scarf stones

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8. A wise long-term investment is the evergreen plant species, for example, as most are permanent and easy to care for. If desired, many of the evergreen plant species can also be transformed into original bonsai trees with a shape cut. And this cut is usually made no more than twice a year, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it either.

Ideas for cheap flooring and sidewalks in the garden

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9. The trend is Garden design based on the example of foreign cultures. Asian gardens are for the most part more maintenance-intensive than other known garden types. So if you want to redesign a Feng Shui garden or Japanese Zen garden, you should expect their special features. The bonsai trees just mentioned are a great variant. Lawn areas that require maintenance can in turn be replaced by gravel and stone beds.

small pond and rock garden

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10. On your own Garden design You could of course also combine just individual elements of the different garden types and create an interesting mix of styles. You can always do whatever you think is best in your garden. There are no limits. Combine modern elements with rustic, Asian with Mediterranean or whatever you imagine.

Evergreen plants are always well suited

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Evergreen plants are not just beautiful to look at. Due to their numerous species with different leaf structures, heights and malleable green, they create an interesting texture in every bed. In addition, you can enjoy its beautiful green color even in gray winter. The garden looks a lot friendlier.

Bench made of formwork blocks and wood


Equip your garden or terrace with a self-made bench. You do not need any special building skills for this. Use concrete blocks that you simply stack on top of each other. You design the seat with the help of wooden beams and you can also add a backrest. All that’s missing is a few seat cushions and you have a comfortable and modern seat.

Mini pond in the bucket

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A pond doesn’t always have to be large to have an interesting effect. You can also design a small version in tubs, bowls or tubs and enjoy water as an element even in small outdoor areas. Combine it with ground covers, paints, pebbles and river stones. In this way, the garden pond looks more natural and therefore more attractive.

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You can also inquire about suitable aquatic plants that are most comfortable in a small and shallow container. It is also important that the mini pond is not in direct sun, as the water there would heat up too quickly and the plants would perish. Otherwise you can even enjoy the beautiful water lilies. With a larger vessel, you may even have the opportunity to breed small goldfish. You can also find out more about this at a specialist retailer.

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Incidentally, you can use concrete blocks not only for a garden bench. Even small dividing walls, which you can even plant with pretty flowers and to divide certain areas, and stairs can be built with them without any problems and also easily. Above see such ideas. The stones are easy to handle and for this reason delight every hobby gardener when it comes to designing the landscape in the outdoor area.

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