27 ideas for garden design in spring – cut boxwood


All hobby gardeners know – there is no end to gardening. Careful planning is therefore advisable. If you want to enjoy a beautiful green garden in summer, you have to have the in spring Cut boxwood.

Pruning boxwood – once every three weeks from April / May


The boxwood – still known under the Latin name Buxus sempervirens – is a hardy evergreen shrub. With good care, it can grow to a height of 5-6 meters over time. Nowadays the box can often be found in the gardens – the box hedges provide privacy in both summer and winter. Individual shrubs can be imaginatively cut so that they form ornamented figures. The English and French gardens are often decorated with book figures – from May hobby gardeners can Pruning bush tree.  You should be aware in advance – the book grows slowly from April to October. It is therefore advisable to fertilize the boxwood in April and then prune it every 3 weeks. Regular watering and fertilization also play a role in growth.

Cutting boxwood – topiary

Boxwood-cutting-gardening-gardening-spring-symmetry garden gate

Which type of boxwood you choose depends closely on whether you want to cut large or small figures. Above all, it is important to cut the plant in the first year so that it slowly grows into the desired shape. In order for the garden to look symmetrical, it is best to cut all the shrubs in geometric shapes. So don’t wait – in spring Cut boxwood and create a beautiful garden!

Cut boxwood – give it a beautiful spherical shape


Cut boxwood and grow in a flower pot


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