22 excellent examples of gardens in the big city

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Life in the big city offers many advantages – nightlife, bars, more job and housing offers. But at some point you get tired of the hustle and bustle and the street noise and strive for a retreat into nature. Residential complexes, city villas and residential buildings with garden areas offer the opportunity to relax outdoors. We’ll show you 22 excellent Examples of gardens in the big city – create your own island of calm and serenity!

Examples of gardens in the big city – water deadened the street noise

Planted roof aquatic plants garden pond terrace stones

The sound of flowing water not only relaxes the senses, it successfully numbs the street noise. Water features have a calming effect – and the biggest advantage – you have a beautiful view from the balcony. That is why it is definitely worth creating a cozy seating area with a garden pond, waterfall and several benches. Aquatic plants such as water lilies will transform the garden into a small oasis. Other cool ones Examples of gardens in the big city, for example, there are allotment gardens with ornamental trees.

Examples of gardens with ornamental trees – providing shade in hot summer days

Garden spring summer garden wooden bridge garden plant

If the garden gets very hot very quickly in summer, it is worth investing in ornamental trees – the white elder, for example, provides great shade in the outdoor area. And fruit-giving trees such as ornamental cherries or almonds have an additional advantage – namely the fruits. The residents should sit down and make a joint decision about the tree species for the garden. You should take into account that some ornamental trees can grow up to 7 meters high!

Examples of gardens in a limited area

Water features ornamental trees garden pond flowerbeds birch ornamental tree

Even if there is not enough free space for a large garden in front of the residential building, this does not mean giving up. Exactly the opposite – space-saving alternatives to the front garden are the planted roofs or canopies. The parking lot should not be forgotten either – ornamental grasses can be planted there, for example. Enclosed you will find 22 excellent ones Examples of gardens from PWL Partnership.

Garden with ornamental trees, garden pond and river stones

Gardens beautiful design Pictures examples Zierbäumde Gartenteich

Residential building with indoor pool and garden pond – outside

Residential building waterfall bench concrete winter garden sunroof

Concrete benches in the garden

Garden benches concrete residential building front waterfall

Swimming pond in front of the residential building

Planter Gravel Concrete Garden Bench Ornamental Tree

Cozy sitting area with a fountain outdoors

Garden planter garden pond picket fence garden shed

The balconies face the pool

Residential building balconies beautiful view aquatic plants

Stones Ornamental Trees Garden Pond Shrubs Residential Buildings

Aquatic plants ornamental trees balcony beautiful view

Aquatic plants wooden bridge front yard gardens

Ornamental trees, glass railings, gardens in the middle of the big city

create ornamental trees green privacy screen bridge

Water garden pictures examples of water plants bench

Gardens examples paving stones gravel ornamental trees garden benches

Parking lot garden bench concrete paving stones ornamental trees semicircular shape

Garden concrete bench ornamental trees paving stones grasses

Succulents plant residential buildings city

Canopy roof terrace ornamental grass terrace gravel

Vegetable garden sunroof flowerbeds paving stones