White kitchen worktop – quartz composite or Corian?

White kitchen worktop -corian-high-gloss-white-wall unit-

Corian and Silestone are two of the most popular products for kitchen countertops today. The trademarked mineral material Corian from DuPont consists of 33 percent acrylic resin and 66 percent natural minerals. Silestone and Caesarstone are called quartz composites because they consist of 93 percent ground quartz and 6 percent resin binder. These man-made materials come in a wide range of colors, but white is the most popular. the white kitchen countertop has become an absolute trend in kitchen planning in recent years and can be perfectly combined with fronts in a warm wood tone. Learn more about these materials in the following article.

White kitchen worktop made of Corian solid surface material

White kitchen worktop -corian-small-kitchen-light gray-front-combination

Corian was developed as a synthetic material for hospitals and homeowners and was intended to be similar to marble. Extremely robust against damage, dirt-repellent and easy to care for, Corian worktops are a lively choice in modern kitchens and are now available in more than 80 colors. Since Corian is made of 100 percent plastic, it is made from a single cast and is completely seamless. A property that quartz composites do not have. In this way, unique kitchen islands with interesting shapes can be made. Although it can be damaged by sharp knives or hot pans, Corian is easier to repair than granite or quartz countertops.

White quartz composite kitchen worktop – Silestone and Caesarstone


Silestone from Cosentino and Caeserstone from Sdot-Yam are referred to as “artificial stone” or “quartz composite”. They consist of 93 percent natural quartz stone and 7 percent polymer resins and color pigments. The small quartz crystals inside provide a unique shimmer and make each plate unique. These unique sparkles are missing from Corian worktops. For this reason, ice does not give completely white granite.

Differences and similarities


Corian, but even with over 80 colors, has a limited color palette, while the quartz composite offers an unlimited choice of colors and patterns depending on the quartz stones used. But only Corian can offer this desirable pure white color if the gloss is not the goal. Compared to Corian, quartz is more scratch-resistant.

Both materials are similar due to the plastic used, which allows them to be shaped and designed as desired. Both products are resistant to bacteria and are easy to clean and maintain.

pure white kitchen with a striking rear wall


white quartz worktop and wooden fronts

White kitchen worktop Caesarstone wood fronts

white quartz worktops and black fronts

white-cake-worktop-Silestone-White-Zeus-Extreme-black-fronts-3d-wall-tiles-light gray

Quartz countertop – Silestone Nebula Alpha


white Silestone worktop and gray fronts


white-cake-worktop-silestone-white-zeus-extreme-orange-tiled mirror

white-cake-worktop-quartz-silestone-gray-wall-tiles-back wall-fronts


white-cake-worktop-corian-wood-base-cabinet-high-gloss-brown-wall cabinet



white-cake-worktop-caesarstone-light-gray-fronts-berry-tone-wall unit



white-cake-worktop-corian-wood-kitchen-fronts-marble-dining table





white-cake-worktop-caesarstone-quartz composite