Which wall color for the kitchen? 55 color ideas and examples

The kitchen may be one of the rooms in your home where you are likely to spend most of your time after the living area. Therefore, the kitchen and dining area should be set up exactly to your taste and meet your requirements.

wall color for kitchen white tiles black tiles modern furnishings

When designing a kitchen, the wall color plays an important role, because it determines the tone of the decoration and can nicely emphasize the kitchen unit. See our suggestions for matching Wall paint for kitchen and get some ideas that will help you transform your kitchen into a cozy and attractive place.

Wall paint for kitchen – yellow

wall paint for kitchen yellow roof pitch white furniture kitchen island

Create a warm, inviting backdrop for your kitchenette by painting your walls in sunny yellow. This color evokes a feeling of happiness and warmth so it would be ideal for a kitchen. You spontaneously associate yellow with light, joy and sun. This summery color creates a good mood and also challenges your creativity. If you like the walls in the kitchen white, you can add a good touch of freshness with an accent wall in bright yellow and make the kitchen more cheerful and cheerful. Choose this color if you want to furnish a country style kitchen. It goes well with white cabinets and light wood cabinets. In the picture above you can see a successful combination of white and yellow with the electric yellow, which provides more dynamism. If you prefer a more subtle wall design for your kitchen and dining area, warm yellow tones such as pastel tones are a good choice. Even just a wall painted in yellow has a positive effect on the room ambience in every respect and puts you in a sunny place. For a uniform picture, you can choose small decorative elements in shades of yellow and transform your kitchen into a feel-good room, where not only can you eat, but also where you can have long conversations or let off steam with culinary delights.

Wall paint for kitchen – blue

wall color for kitchen light blue vintage fireplace corner dining table tiles

The cold blue is known for its calming effects and creates a relaxed atmosphere in any room in which it is used. A cool shade of blue goes well with several interior styles and can serve as a neutral background for splashes of color. It pairs well with white, light, and dark wooden cabinets or even with black. White, stainless steel, or black devices also look great on a blue background. The white kitchenette stands out against a blue background and looks neat and clean. If you want to give a room in the apartment a maritime touch, you can easily achieve this with a shade of blue. The blue is the color of the sky and the sea and provides a pleasant and relaxed holiday feeling in the kitchen. Blue as a wall color for the kitchen conveys a feeling of clarity and freshness. The cool, persistent and meditative color makes small, low or narrow rooms look larger. However, the rooms only appear wider and larger in the lighter shades of blue. Dark blue as a wall color is only a good choice in spacious kitchens, otherwise it reduces the space. The nuances range from delicate light blue to light baby blue to strong night blue. Before deciding on a particular wall color, it is advisable to see the color both in natural light and under artificial light. The color effect depends heavily on the light.

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Wall design in green

Kitchen paint wall in mint green light blue white fronted wood countertop

To bring a natural feeling into your kitchen, paint the kitchen walls in a shade of green such as sage green, pastel green, yellow green, grass green, etc. Just like blue, this color creates a relaxing feeling and evokes images from nature in the viewer. Natural wood cabinets, granite countertops and wrought iron accessories will nicely complement the rustic, natural look. Basically, the color green cannot be clearly classified as warm or cold. Depending on which mixture you choose, the effect of green can also vary. A yellow-tinged green, for example, exudes comfort, while a blue-tinged green appears rather cool. If you want to design the walls of the entire room in green, it is best to choose a lighter and pastel shade of green.

Wall paint for the kitchen – neon green makes the white cabinets shine

wall-color-white-kitchen-ideas-neon green

Go more cautiously with the bright or rich green. Such shades of color are best suited for the design of individual walls. An accent wall in green looks completely different if the colored surface is broken up with a decoration in white. The color green can be easily combined with many other colors. First of all, you have to decide whether the green should be the splash of color in the room or should appear more subtle as a background color. Match the shades of green with the existing furniture in your kitchen. Country-style furniture combines very well with a darker olive green. A modern facility, on the other hand, looks very good in combination with a bright green. The electric and hypnotic green is best to combine with neutral and calm colors so that a color balance can be achieved. Otherwise the kitchen can appear restless. In the picture above, the bright green makes the simple white kitchen look more cheerful and modern. On the other hand, the white of the walls enhances the luminosity of the green.

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Kitchen walls in red

wall color for kitchen design red accent wall black table

Red is reminiscent of fire, warmth and seasoning, which makes this color an ideal wall color for the kitchen. Red is also a multi-faceted color that can be seen in traditional decor from different cultures. From rustic to luxurious, the color red offers a wide range of nuances with which you can create the red kitchen of your fantasies.

Wall color in orange

wall paint-kitchen-orange-white-furniture-country house style

Create a living picture in your kitchen with burnt orange walls. Orange is an energetic, happy color that is ideal for a kitchen where one likes to enjoy long dinners in large company.



Yellow splashes of color for the gray walls

wall-color-white-kitchen-light gray-yellow-chairs-accents

Fuchsia and yellow green

wall paint-kitchen-neon-yellow-fuchsia-painting

Purple and dark wood


White kitchen furniture and green walls

wall paint-kitchen-island-white-cupboards-green-walls

Brick red and maple create a warm atmosphere

wall paint for kitchen ideas-brick-red-maple-cupboards

Pastel green as a highlight for the kitchen unit in black and white

wall-color-kitchen-light-green-white-kitchen-row-black-glass-splash protection

Dusty pink, lilac and gray

wall-color-kitchen-light-gray-floor-tiles-metal-ikea-modular kitchen

Blue wall paint and white modular kitchen

wall color for the kitchen-light blue-white-kitchen-row-fuchsia-table

The fuchsia colored wall creates a nice atmosphere

wall-color-kitchen-fuchsia-black-high-gloss-kitchen-row-glass-splash protection

Subtle and elegant in beige

wall color-kitchen-cream-beige-wooden cabinets

The pure white kitchen unit opposite the brown wall


wall paint for the kitchen white-kitchen island-turquoise green-modern

A strip of color as an accent



wall-color-kitchen-light green-white-cupboards-black-back wall

wall color kitchen unplastered brick wall white rustic

wall paint-kitchen-blackboard-paint-red-cabinet-fronts-steel-island

wall-color-kitchen-red-white-cabinet-fronts-mint green-glass-splash protection




wall color for kitchen-pink-red-white-worktop-wooden cabinet fronts

wall color-kitchen-pastel-green-gray-ideas-country house style


wall paint-kitchen-combination-pastel green-orange-fuchsia-worktop






wall color-kitchen-ideas-light gray-white-cupboards-dining area

wall-color-kitchen-ideas-light gray-modern-kitchen-row

wall paint-kitchen-ideas-apricot-peach-white-cupboard-fronts

wall-color-kitchen-light pink-wood-furniture-high-gloss-fronts

wall paint-kitchen-light green-glass-splash protection


wall color-kitchen-light blue-green-fresh-look

wall-color-kitchen-yellow-orange-cupboard-fronts-white-dining furniture

wall color-kitchen-tiles-exposed concrete-black-white

wall-color-kitchen-dark-turquoise-blue-dark-wood-densified concrete-optics

wall color-kitchen-dark blue-white-cupboards-green-ceiling

wall paint for kitchen aubergine-wood-black-high-gloss fronts

wall paint-kitchen-aubergine-paint-wood furniture-country style

wall-color-kitchen-dusky pink-ideas-orange-accents

wall-color-kitchen-dusky pink-cream-pink-motifs-black-kitchen row

wall-color-wood-kitchen-idea-emerald green

wall-color-light blue-white-kitchen-wood-countertop-roof pitch