What is a fitted kitchen – advantages and disadvantages from the design

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If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen, the builders may suggest several built-in kitchen options. What does one actually mean? Equipped kitchen and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this design? Most modern kitchens are in fact built-in kitchens that provide enough cupboards and storage space for the accessories and offer a simple design of the kitchen counter. They come in different shapes – corner kitchen, U-shaped kitchen or L-shaped kitchen, even kitchen island can be provided. The special thing about it is that these kitchens consist of several modules and can be adapted to the available space. That is why you are particularly popular.

Design the fitted kitchen according to the dimensions

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One Equipped kitchen takes up at least two free walls where the kitchen cabinets can fit. The kitchen counter and all cabinets match perfectly in color and design. Even more so – a definite advantage is the fact that you can ‘hide the microwave, oven or refrigerator perfectly. So the interior looks much neater and more stylish. Everything finds its right place. This kitchen is made to measure – you can combine different modules depending on your personal needs and the size of the room. The main disadvantage of the design is the fact that such a kitchen is difficult to repair afterwards – if you want to replace a cabinet in the future, you need to look for exactly the same brand and model so that the interior looks uniform. Even more so – there are only certain kitchen appliances that just fit into the specific space / although more and more designers have standardized kitchen appliances lately /.

Fitted kitchen allows a certain flexibility

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Don’t think any Equipped kitchen what the other looks like. You can also change the aesthetics of your kitchen if necessary. For example, you can give free rein to your imagination when decorating – find suitable lighting, or install a glass door, play with color combinations and materials – acrylic glass kitchen splashbacks can also perfectly match the classic design. Add more shelves in some open areas between the kitchen cabinets. Hang a mirror on the wall.

Modern kitchen with red accents


Elegant, simple kitchen

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Retro kitchen cabinets and black countertop


Modern purple kitchen wall


U-shaped kitchen


Large corner kitchen and kitchen island


Interesting kitchen – stairwell

practical fitted kitchen staircase

Modern apartment and high kitchen