Wall tiles for the kitchen – 20 inspirations and furnishing ideas

Wall tiles for kitchen modern-gray-pattern-sloping roof-black-base cabinets-wall clock

The Wall tiles for kitchen They can be found in many different designs and sizes and can be adapted to any furnishing style. With the right kitchen tiles for the wall, you can combine aesthetics and benefits in room design. In this article we present the different possibilities for the wall tiles and some nice design ideas for the kitchen. Let this inspire you and find the best design for your own kitchen!

Wall tiles for kitchen in modern style

Wall tiles for kitchen modern-marble-white-kitchen cabinets-extractor hood

Whether modern, classic, Mediterranean or rustic – the wall tiles for the kitchen are suitable for every furnishing style and offer numerous design options. Thanks to a large selection of materials, you can set up your kitchen individually and according to your personal taste. For modern kitchens, either light natural shades or a dark color scheme that is color-coordinated with the furnishings are recommended. Marbled wall tiles in an effective laying pattern go perfectly with minimalist kitchens in white and become a real eye-catcher in the interior.

Large wall tiles for kitchen

Wall tiles for the kitchen beige-large-tiles-modern-interior-kitchen-island-white

Another striking furnishing idea for kitchens in a modern style are the large wall tiles. The large format of the tiles attracts attention immediately and can be obtained in almost any look. Choose a light shade like beige or light gray to create a natural ambience.

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Kitchen tiles in an unusual shape for the wall

Wall tiles for the kitchen gray-modern-interesting-shape-kitchen mirror-idea-hob

If you find the usual laying patterns a bit boring, you can create an attractive effect with wall tiles for the kitchen in different shapes. Matt or glossy colors will bring out the unusual shape of the tiles and enhance their impact. Let your creativity run free and choose an eye-catching pattern for the kitchen.

Furnish the kitchen in gray

Wall tiles for kitchen modern-minimalist-mosaic-gray-tile-flooring

The gray color for furnishings is commonly called cold, but it has an undeniable elegance, especially in the kitchen. The gray kitchen fronts and wall tiles combine beautifully with appliances made of stainless steel and can be found in many different tones such as light gray, anthracite, dark gray and others.

Gray wall tiles for kitchen with wooden kitchen cabinets

wall tiles-kitchen-mosaic-white-gray-kitchen cabinets-wood-kitchen island

As a central point in the apartment, the kitchen should be set up in such a way that there is always a pleasant atmosphere. Kitchen fronts made of light wood are optically complemented by a tile mirror in white and gray, which is clad with mosaic tiles.

Kitchen tiles for the wall and kitchen island

wall tiles-kitchen-gray-kitchen rear wall-kitchen island-wooden floor-wall-mounted cabinets-white

A combination of the same tiles for the kitchen back wall and the kitchen island represents a creative and original furnishing idea for the kitchen. You can either use exactly the same kitchen tiles for both or just decide on a similar color or structure.

Wall tiles for the kitchen in white – the metro tiles


The classic among the wall tiles for the kitchen are the so-called metro tiles. In the past they were only used as wall cladding for subway stations in Europe and North America, but now they are becoming more and more important in modern kitchen and bathroom design.

Options for furnishing with white metro tiles

wall tiles-kitchen-white-black-tiled-mirror-red-walls-pendant-lights

The tile mirror made of metro tiles offers numerous options for designing the kitchen. If you choose the classic white glossy tiles, they can be beautifully combined with colored or dark walls and furniture. However, darker wall tiles for the kitchen require less maintenance and also represent a good decision.

Mosaic wall tiles for kitchen

wall tiles-kitchen-modern-kitchen-tiles-mosaic-kitchen back wall-elegant

Elegant mosaic tiles are always trendy and are an eye-catcher in the interior. Regardless of whether they are single-colored or have a special look – the small, shiny tiles will beautify and freshen up your kitchen. The enormous selection of designs enables individuality and creativity in kitchen design.

Unusual kitchen tile mosaic

wall tiles-kitchen-mosaic-brown-kitchen tiles-countertops-hob

If you want to have a special tile mirror made of mosaic tiles with several colors, then the kitchen fronts and worktops should have a similar color scheme. Furthermore, they should be monochrome and have a simple design so that the furnishings are not too kitschy.

Kitchen set up in dark tones


If you have chosen dark tones for your kitchen, you can create a nice contrast with a matching tile mirror. Mosaic tiles in two to four different colors look particularly beautiful in combination with the dark furnishings and create a wonderful overall picture.

Mediterranean wall tiles for the kitchen

Wall tiles-kitchen-mediterranean-style-kitchen-mirror-blue-countertops

Tile work speaks for the Greek Mediterranean furnishing style and together with light colors bring the popular southern flair into your own four walls. Do you want to create such an ambience in your kitchen? Combine white furnishings with sample wall tiles and blue countertops to give the room a Mediterranean flair.

Wall tiles with patterns for the kitchen back wall

wall tiles-kitchen-pattern-blue-kitchen back wall-hob-gray-cupboards

The popular wall tiles with patterns are also reminiscent of country-style apartments. They provide interesting color accents and motifs in room design and are best used in combination with plain-colored kitchen fronts.

Vintage decor with patchwork wall tiles for kitchen

wall tiles-kitchen-patchwork-pattern-white-furnishings-sink-lavender

If you like the patchwork pattern, you can use it to design your kitchen wall tiles. You can spice up any monochrome interior and add more color. However, patchwork kitchen tiles are only recommended for kitchens with one-colored furnishings, otherwise there is a risk of a stylish overall appearance.

Country style kitchen tiles


When choosing patchwork tiles one should proceed carefully and choose the colors precisely. The right combination of colors is a must here. Our tip: Before you lay the wall tiles for the kitchen, select a few different variants and check how they combine with the kitchen fronts. Only then can you determine which variant you like the most.

Colorful kitchen with wall tiles

wall tiles-kitchen-green-colorful-interior-open-living-room-green-wall

Bright color accents in the interior create a good mood and are particularly eye-catching. No matter if the apartment is small or large – a fun color will freshen up any room. Green wall tiles for the kitchen, for example, are an atmospheric eye-catcher and are reminiscent of nature.

Match the color of wall tiles for the kitchen with the furnishings


For a more dramatic effect, you can lay red wall tiles in the kitchen. They combine beautifully with fronts in dark gray or black and go well with kitchens in a modern or minimalist style.

Furnish the kitchen in white and blue

wall tiles-kitchen-small-white-kitchen-cupboards-tiles-color-accent-dark blue

Metro tiles in any color work well as a tile mirror and splash guard in the kitchen. However, if you choose a darker color such as blue or green, then it should preferably be combined with white fronts.

Retro kitchen with wall tiles

wall tiles-kitchen-retro-furnishing-white-light green-vintage-style

If you like the retro kitchens from the American films, you can also set up your own kitchen in this style. White metro tiles and fronts in pastel colors such as green, blue, pink or yellow are recommended. Combine with matching floor tiles to create the perfect retro kitchen.