Wall panels for the kitchen – 30 ideas for a kitchen mirror with a difference

Wall panels for kitchen -kitchen mirror-modern-light-white-high-gloss-brown

An attractive wall design gives the kitchen a special kick and that certain something that defines the individual furnishing style. In addition, it fulfills a practical function, namely, the walls in front of syringes and every now and then in front of flying potato peels. Wall panels for kitchen are available in many colors and patterns. It is very easy to choose something that suits the room and your own taste.

Wall panels for the kitchen or kitchen rear wall

Wall panels for the kitchen - kitchen mirror - modern - high gloss - dark red - white

When it comes to wall design in the kitchen, new terms keep coming up. Wall panels, kitchen back walls, kitchen mirrors are basically the same and represent an alternative to tiles in the kitchen. There are, however, major differences in design and appearance. ESG glass, acrylic, metal and laminate are available.

Wall panels for the kitchen in a great variety

Wall panels for kitchen -kitchen mirror-modern-high-gloss-red-white

Wall panels for the kitchen are very easy to assemble and can be attached directly to the wall. But it should be smooth and even so that the panel is perfectly placed on it. Different fastening fittings are used for fastening, depending on the material. Alternatively, it is possible to glue the panels to an existing tile using a suitable assembly adhesive, for example.

Wall panels for the kitchen as a better alternative to tiles

Wall panels for kitchen -kitchen mirror-modern-high-gloss-black-white

Wall panels are easier to care for compared to tiles. The even, mostly glossy surface is water and dirt repellent. No special cleaning agents are required for daily cleaning, but simply wipe with a damp cloth and possibly with a mild cleaning agent.

Wall panels for the kitchen instead of tiles – arguments for and against

Wall panels for kitchen -kitchen mirror-modern-black-white-noble-glass

Damage such as cracks, splashes of grease and discoloration are not uncommon for the tiled surface. On the contrary, once correctly installed, the wall panels for the kitchen do not lose their good figure and always shine like new. In order not to damage this perfectly shiny surface, do not use steel wool, scouring agents, dishwashing sponges or the like that contain abrasives.

High gloss wall panels for the kitchen in an accent color

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-wood-black-white

With the wall panels for the kitchen made of glass or acrylic, you can choose between all RGB colors or provide an individually selected motif and thus adapt it perfectly to your own ideas and living ambience.

Modern wall panels for kitchen made of glass

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-black-white-purple-high gloss

Wall panels made of glass look noble and high quality, which is why they are usually preferred for modern kitchen designs. The more or less reflective surface lets colors and motifs really come into their own. They gain in depth and brilliance and therefore appear more radiant and realistic.

Wall panels for the kitchen in white – matt and high gloss

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-minimalist-high-gloss-handleless

A glass rear wall for the kitchen can be matt or glossy, depending on your individual requirements. This allows desired contrasts and accents to be set, as in this example in the picture. The matt white finish of the handleless kitchen fronts really comes into its own when the kitchen wall has a reflective surface.

Wall panels for the kitchen – a stylish update for your kitchen

Wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-white-traditional-black-modernized

Wall panels for the kitchen can be installed in a few hours compared to tiles. They are simply an ingenious solution for rented apartments and restaurants where the kitchen design should be somewhat more flexible. If a tile look is still desired, panels for wall mounting with tile patterns or with the characteristic joints are ideal.

Wall panels for kitchen in modern style – toughened glass

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-wood-concrete-stainless steel-counter

Those who opt for high-quality and attractive kitchen equipment choose ESG safety glass. This is a thermally toughened glass that is heat-resistant and practically unbreakable. In addition, it is characterized by high chemical resistance to water, acids and salt solutions.

Kitchen wall panels – mirror wall in a minimalist white kitchen

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-mirror-high-gloss-white

ESG glass can be colored according to individual wishes. The coloring or the print motif is done on the glass back wall, a mirror effect is also possible. Depending on the finish – matt or glossy, there may be differences in colors and sharpness with the original image.

Highly reflective wall panels for the kitchen

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-black-white-mirror-counter

The ESG safety glass is cleaned like any other glass surface with a glass cleaner or degreaser. No expensive additives are required for cleaning. Despite the great resistance of the material, the kitchen wall made of ESG glass must not be endangered by impacts.

Combine materials – wall panels for the kitchen as splash protection and decorative wallpaper 

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-glass-wallpaper-red

ESG safety glass is well suited as a wall panel behind the hob and thus it serves perfectly as a splash guard. the material is heat-resistant up to around 100 degrees. The motif print can differ from the actual representation by one or two centimeters. Why should you pay attention to it when transitions with wallpaper or other materials.

Put different materials together – wall panels for the kitchen made of glass and brushed stainless steel

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-glass-stainless steel-brushed-wood

Glass comes into its own in combination with metal. Brushed stainless steel and glossy ESG glass go very well together and achieve a noble effect, definitely add value to the kitchen equipment.

A chic kitchen in turquoise with a stainless steel kitchen mirror

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-stainless steel-brushed-turquoise

Wall panels made of stainless steel perfectly replace the tile mirror in the kitchen. They are of high quality and skillfully combined with the rest of the materials that were used in the kitchen design, creating a stylish ambience with a modern touch. In addition, stainless steel is very practical and it is no coincidence that it is preferred for furnishing every professional kitchen.

Resistant wall panels for kitchen made of stainless steel

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-stainless steel-light wood-gas stove

There are no two opinions that stainless steel is best combined with wood. The metal looks cool in itself and in contrast, wood creates a cozy atmosphere. In addition, a perfect overall picture is achieved.

Wall panels for kitchen made of metal – copper

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-copper-wood-rough

Other metals, such as copper or aluminum, can also be used as wall panels for the kitchen. These serve more or less as a highlight in the design of the kitchen. Which is why it would make sense to combine these accents with other details in the design so that a uniform overall picture is created.

Wall panels for the kitchen made of copper – modern and traditional at the same time

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-copper-wall cladding-traditional-country house

Copper has established itself as a trendy look in every design area over the past few years. It often appears in the form of stylish home accessories, but very rarely does it dominate the design of the interior. Here we present an inspiration for entire kitchen walls made of copper.

Wall panels with a wood look for the small kitchen – laminate

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-small-kitchen-niche-wood-light

Laminate panels are often used to cover ugly tiled areas. These appear to be an inexpensive solution that leaves as little damage as possible and is a good alternative, especially for rental apartments.

Wall panels for kitchen in country house style – natural wall panels made of laminate

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-country-house-wood-traditional-wood-ceiling

For a kitchen in a traditional country house style, there may be no better solution for wall design than wall panels made of wood or with this look. Wall panels for the kitchen made of laminate are robust, heat and water resistant, can be easily installed behind the stove, with the exception of the gas hob, and are easy to care for. Many versions look natural and are therefore suitable as a good, inexpensive alternative to conventional real wood panels.

Wall panels for kitchen – wall cladding made of wood

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-wood-black-white

Wall cladding made of real wood cannot be ruled out in the kitchen either, although it is perceived as more maintenance-intensive. The material needs a proper surface treatment and is only partially heat-resistant. The wall panels should be treated with wooden sealing lacquer at least once on all sides and two coats must be applied to the front side to make them resistant to cleaning.

Wall panels for the kitchen instead of tiles – available in beautiful patterns

Wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-country-house-pattern-tile-ornaments

Beautiful patterns are possible for the kitchen wall, even if you want to do without tiled mirrors – with a kitchen rear wall made of acrylic glass. The material is lighter and more shatterproof than glass, but looks very, very similar to it and gives the motifs depth and brilliance.

Wall panels for the kitchen as splash protection – acrylic glass or still known as plexiglass

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen mirror-modern-splash protection-gas stove-black

Acrylic glass or still known as plexiglass is a material of the last generation that is lighter and therefore easier to assemble than glass. The advantageous handling due to the low weight enables installation only in selected areas, for example as a splash guard.

Wall panels for kitchen behind worktop and hob – motif print

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-wallpaper-color-white

The acrylic glass sheets can be printed with selected motifs using UV printing and thus perfectly adapted to your own ideas. The motifs are printed directly onto the material on the reverse.

Decorative wall panels for the kitchen: easy to care for and attractive

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-wallpaper-glass-lemon

You have to be very careful when cleaning acrylic sheets. Conventional glass cleaners are poorly suited for this because they attack the surface and after a while it becomes dull and unsightly. For this purpose you should only use warm water with a little washing-up liquid or special acrylic glass cleaner.

Wall panels for the kitchen made of acrylic with picture motifs

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-wallpaper-gray-motif

What should be noted when cleaning glossy surfaces is that you can only use soft sponges and lint-free cloths for wiping. We also advise against using microfiber cloths, as they damage the shine and leave small scratches on the surface. This effect only becomes visible after a few years of use.

Modern wall panels for the kitchen set accents in a minimalist room 

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-motif-concrete-wall-wallpaper

Another option for designing the kitchen rear wall is the material Aludibond. It is a composite of plastic and aluminum that is only 3 mm thick and very light.

Wall panels for the kitchen with beautiful motifs 

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-motif-floral-wood

Aludibond is characterized by a matt surface and the selected motif is printed directly on the front side of the panel. For this reason, one should be very careful when cleaning.

Photo-realistic wall panels for the kitchen

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-motif-autumn-brown

Acrylic panels can be cleaned without additives, just with a very soft sponge, water and a little washing-up liquid. No harsh cleaners and vigorous rubbing are permitted, otherwise the colored motif print will come off. The material is suitable for installation behind hobs, but it is not resistant to knocks and cuts.

3D Wall panels for kitchen

wall panels-kitchen-kitchen-mirror-modern-3d-white-geometric

3D effects in interior design are currently very popular. These can be given a visual impression with high-quality images or motif prints or staged using real-material wall panels.