Wall design in the kitchen – wallpaper motifs in trend

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For everyone who needs a short-term change in their own four walls, there is an inexpensive, reliable and customizable solution – wallpaper. With appealing wallpaper patterns and designs, the wall design in the kitchen becomes an eye-catcher. A wide variety of motifs leave plenty of space for design options. Great living ideas and suggestions for wall design can be found here. Let yourself be inspired by the living worlds of other wallpaper lovers!

Wall design in the kitchen ensures freshness

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Walls form the graphic frame of a room. Together with furniture and decorative accessories, you have the task of giving the room an unmistakable character. If the walls are decorative, chic furniture comes into its own. This is especially true for the kitchen, where the use of colors can whet your appetite and spread a good mood.

Create particularly beautiful highlights with unique wallpaper patterns


Thanks to the invention of wallpaper, you can embellish your bare walls with varied motifs. Designers always surprise us with new ideas for wall cladding in the kitchen. With a wallpapered wall, you set a visual focus, but when all walls are covered with wallpaper, you immerse yourself in the world of colors and shapes.

Ideas for embellishing the kitchen walls


Flowers, stripes, dots, refined graphic patterns are suitable for setting accents on chests of drawers, kitchen cabinets, lampshades, as well as for large-scale wall design. You should definitely be aware of the effect the selected patterns and colors have on the atmosphere of the room: natural patterns look inviting and homely, while abstract motifs are cooler and are better suited to draw attention to architectural refinements.

Wall design in the kitchen: playing with color and pattern


Metal effects and matt optics create a unique combination of glamor and simplicity.

Nostalgic floral motifs 


Whether tender pistachio green, sand colors, earthy tones, lifelike imitations of structures and grains result in a harmonious overall picture.

Non-woven wallpaper with effects


Light glossy accents give the wallpaper on the kitchen back wall the necessary tension.

Structures and motifs give rooms a feeling of nature

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Cottage charm as a decoration variant for the walls


Wallpaper patterns put you in a fresh mood 


Options for decorating your own four walls



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