Use adhesive film for the kitchen and redesign the kitchen furniture and walls

Adhesive foil for kitchen kitchen-island-spice up-foil-attach-wood-look

If you intend to renovate the kitchen, you should not necessarily replace the old kitchen fronts or the worktop with new ones. Instead, you can Adhesive film for kitchen use that fits perfectly to cover obsolete or worn fronts, countertops and shelves and thus also save money. In the article you will find many great ideas for using the adhesive film in the kitchen and several variants for colors, motifs and patterns as inspiration.

Enhance kitchen fronts with adhesive film for the kitchen

Adhesive film for kitchen kitchen fronts-upgrade-stainless-steel-look-film

With practical adhesive films, furniture, surfaces and even walls can be redesigned. You can find self-adhesive foils in all possible colors, patterns and looks and thus enhance your kitchen. If you feel like a change in the kitchen, you can start with the kitchen fronts. They are the first thing you notice when entering the room. If you have fronts with handles, then these should be removed before sticking on.

Adhesive film for kitchen – spice up worktops

Adhesive film for kitchen countertops-spice up-marble-look-white-kitchen

You can also give the kitchen worktops a new look by covering them with adhesive film with a noble look. Most kitchen adhesive films are water-repellent, heat-resistant and easy to care for, making them perfect for everyday use of the surfaces.

Decorate kitchen cupboards and shelves with adhesive film

Adhesive film for the kitchen - attaching-the-kitchen-cupboard-chevron-pattern-idea

The self-adhesive foils can be used not only for the outside, but also for the inside of the kitchen cupboards. You can spice up the shelves and the inner part of the back wall of the cupboard with colored adhesive film for the kitchen. This design idea is particularly suitable for kitchen overhead cabinets with cabinet doors made of glass.

Design the back wall of the kitchen with adhesive film

Adhesive film for kitchen splash protection-kitchen rear wall-tile optics-black and white

The special adhesive films for the kitchen can also be used as a splash guard, as they have the necessary hard-wearing properties. They can either be attached directly to the wall or serve as decoration for an existing splash guard.

Spice up kitchen appliances with adhesive film for the kitchen

adhesive-film-kitchen-fridge-spice up-black-and-white-pattern

The adhesive film is also used in the kitchen to spice up kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher. With a little skill you can give the old refrigerator any design you like and redesign it from scratch. You can give the white dishwasher a noble stainless steel look by using a suitable adhesive film.

Change the color of the kitchen fronts


If you want a visual update for the kitchen, you can change the color of the kitchen cabinets without painting them or replacing them with new ones. You should only choose an adhesive film that is color-coordinated with the interior and that you like. In this way, kitchen furniture such as shelves, upper and lower cabinets can be nicely spiced up in a relatively short time.

Design strips with adhesive film for the kitchen


However, if you prefer more interesting designs, you can either use an adhesive film for the kitchen with a pattern, or you can make a simple pattern yourself with the monochrome adhesive film. The easiest way to design strips with the same or different widths, which can be glued in a horizontal as well as in a vertical direction.

Adhesive film for kitchen in wood look


As a rule, kitchen cabinets made of wood are an expensive option for kitchen furniture. However, the popular visual effect of the wood can also be achieved with an adhesive film. The kitchen fronts in a rented apartment can also be redesigned because the adhesive film does not damage the surface and can be easily removed.

Design the worktop with adhesive film in a wood look

Adhesive film-kitchen-worktop-wood-look-spice it up-cheap

Not only the fronts, but also the worktop can be given the popular wood look. If your old worktop already has signs of use such as scratches and stains, you can forget about them with the adhesive film. The interface has a completely new look and you shouldn’t have to worry about receiving guests.

Adhesive film for the kitchen with creative motifs

Adhesive film-kitchen-kitchen cabinet-fronts-wood-look-motifs-decoration

With a very large variety of patterns and motifs, you can design the kitchen individually with adhesive films without wasting a lot of time and money. The adhesive film for the kitchen is so popular precisely because it offers an inexpensive alternative to renovation and achieves good results. However, if you are applying an adhesive sheet with motifs that should fit in well, you should work carefully or ask for professional assembly.

Spice up the white kitchen with a decorative pattern


In a white kitchen, you can try all sorts of colors and motifs, as the white can be combined with anything. If you are ultimately not satisfied with the design, the adhesive film can be removed from the kitchen fronts at any time without leaving any residue.

Adhesive film for kitchen with tile pattern

Adhesive film-kitchen-tile-optics-kitchen back wall-mosaic tile-idea

If you would like to design the splash guard with self-adhesive foils, then an adhesive foil with the popular tile pattern is perfect. Regardless of whether you prefer mosaic tiles, large tiles or metro tiles, you can find films with all kinds of patterns these days and use them to design the kitchen rear wall.

Adhesive film with traditional Spanish tiles


If you like the Spanish tiles with colored patterns and would like to design your splash guard with them, you can choose an adhesive film with such a motif. So you can give your kitchen the popular Mediterranean flair without buying expensive wall tiles. Note, however, that the Spanish tile pattern is usually brightly colored and does not go with every interior.

Geometric pattern for the shelves

Adhesive-film-kitchen-kitchen-cabinet-interior-spice up-pattern-color

A currently very popular pattern that fits both modern and rustic kitchens is the geometric motif. Different figures such as triangles, circles and hexagons in any color palette provide more pep in the room and can become a real eye-catcher in the interior.

Make a noble marble look yourself


You can also design the worktops or kitchen fronts yourself in the fancy marble look by using a suitable adhesive film. In the end, the marble slab looks really realistic and enhances the whole kitchen. If you have kitchen fronts in white or another light color, an adhesive film with a light marble pattern is recommended.

Adhesive film for the kitchen with a black granite look

adhesive-film-kitchen-worktop-black-marble-look-upgrade-the kitchen

For kitchen fronts made of wood, on the other hand, adhesive films for kitchens with a dark natural stone look, such as black marble or granite, are suitable. For an even more elegant look, you can also design the handles of the kitchen cabinets in a dark color.

Design the wall in the kitchen with adhesive film 


Regardless of whether it is the worktop, the kitchen cabinets or the kitchen wall – adhesive films can be stuck to any surface and create a completely new ambience in the room. Decorate your rented apartment or save some money from a renovation with a practical adhesive film for the kitchen.