Tips and design options for small kitchens

blue kitchen design

Kitchen furniture and interior design of every generation have their own laws and shapes. The earlier errors must be taken into account in the Kitchen planning taken so that they escape the bitterness of disappointment. For example, everyone knows that in one small kitchen dark colors and dark wood must be abandoned.

small kitchen with dark wood design


And the funny thing is that most of the owners of the apartments are fans of classic dark wood furniture. They look elegant and sophisticated, but sometimes you have to Kitchen planning Make the line between your dream and real potential. That is why it is wiser to abandon dark wood and all overhanging structures in the form of friezes, cornices. One often ignores the opportunity to notice how much the dark wood furniture is small kitchen optically reduce how tall kitchen cabinets “suppress” and how quickly culinary imagination disappears.

 small kitchen with white furniture


Avoiding dark wooden furniture does not mean that there should be no wood in the kitchen at all. The best choice is light wood, lightly tinted or in pastel colors – pale pink, light blue, green, beige or cream. Light colors on the walls or furniture create a fresh and cozy atmosphere. You will notice how moving the walls of your small kitchen seem, the ceiling rises, and you will breathe easier and cook more comfortably. Always look for a compromise between desire and potential.

small kitchen with light colors


And another tip: Avoid strong contrasting colors in the small kitchen. They look too stark in a small room.

dark shades – purple kitchen


small country kitchen with a cozy atmosphere

country kitchen-cozy-atmosphere

sunny yellow small kitchen


Kitchen planning for small kitchens


small kitchen design option

 The “small kitchen” – limit the kitchen equipment to one piece of furniture