The tiles on the kitchen back wall – ideas and color combinations


More and more people are looking for alternatives to the traditional tile mirror. But you can enjoy the classic beauty by following our ideas for Tiles on the kitchen back wall watch.

1. Neutral color for that Tiles on the kitchen back wall


Combined with frameless cabinets and sleek cabinet handles, this glass kitchen mirror looks sophisticated and contemporary. The champagne color of the glass kitchen tiles, the gray-tinted cabinets and creamy marble tops create a neutral color palette, as their diverse shades ensure that the look is anything but boring.

2. Unifying color of the tiles on the kitchen back wall

tiles-kuchenruckwand-ideas-gray-natural stone-nehtral-wood-floor-kitchen-fronts

If you want to use multiple colors in your kitchen, multicolored ones are great Tiles on the kitchen back wall a great way to achieve a consistent look. This kitchen has a mosaic tile mirror that combines the colors of the wood cabinets.

3. Textural backdrop

tiles-kuchenruckwand-ideas-structure-brick-natural stone-modern-white-worktop

Glass mosaics bring a sleek contemporary style to this kitchen. The thin, narrow tiles emphasize the sleek design of the linear stainless steel handles and blend in with the entire environment.

4. Shimmering eye-catcher


Special Tiles on the kitchen back wall can bring a bit of glamor to your kitchen and transform your cooking area into a design showcase. This mosaic tile mirror adds a touch of luxury to the room. They remain neutral enough to blend harmoniously with the soft colors and natural surfaces.

5. Artisan style

Tile kitchen back wall antique atmosphere gold black

A kitchen mirror can represent a period that suits the architecture of the house. With so many types of tiles available, finding the right look for each home is easy. In this kitchen, craft-inspired tiles complement the 1896 home. The dark decorative tiles stand out from the surrounding area.

6. Three-dimensional style

Tile kitchen back wall metal three-dimensional

When you think of tile mirror ideas, you go beyond color. Three-dimensional structure is another way to add unique character to the kitchen. In this kitchen, the metal tiles form a simple quilted pattern.

7. Classic tiles

Tile kitchen splashback classic white rectangular tiles

Rectangular white tiles in a traditional brick pattern add an inviting, vintage charm to any kitchen.

8. Small pattern

Tile kitchen splashback small pattern mosaic

If the kitchen front is relatively simple and unadorned, you can easily add more patterns to the kitchen back wall. Here the mosaic tiles create a dramatic backdrop for the white cabinets.

9. The charm of an old world

Tile kitchen back wall wood country kitchen

Multiple varieties of marble and limestone on the tile mirror, floor and countertops give this kitchen a welcoming old style.

10. Small highlight

country kitchen brown tile kitchen splashback

To save your kitchen budget, lay standard tiles on most of the kitchen back wall and then add hand-painted tiles as decorative accents. Four accent tiles above the cooking area create a focal point without overwhelming the small space.

11. Contemporary texture

Tile kitchen back wall bamboo look lines

Bamboo look made of glass offers a structural feel. The unique Tiles on the kitchen back wall  modernize the kitchen, keeping the general look neutral and calming.

12. Colorful accents

Tile kitchen back wall white rectangular accents

For added visual interest, add some tiles randomly in the kitchen mirror. The general look is fun and sophisticated, but also neutral enough.

13. Realistic stone tiles

Tile kitchen back wall pebbles stacked

These tile mirrors bring that nature-inspired texture to the kitchen. These stones create a unique focal point for the cooking zone.

14. Decorative designs

Tile kitchen back wall white accents black marble

In the middle of the square white tiles, blue squares create two tiles with tree motifs, which stand out in a subtle way from the surroundings and the white cupboards. The hand-painted tiles offer many design options. A simple, classic design or vibrant colorful patterns.

15. Modern simplicity

Tile kitchen back wall black mosaic tiles wood cabinets

The glass mosaic tile brings lively patterns to this small kitchen. The glass tiles share the reflective property of the stainless steel appliances and add a touch of color to a room with predominantly neutral tones.

16. Elegant marble tiles

Tiles on the kitchen back wall marble country house white

In this inviting country house kitchen, Carrara marble tiles form a sophisticated tile pattern. To add depth, the designers chose tiles with beveled edges.

17. Twist on tradition

Tiles on the kitchen back wall dots honey color white cabinets

Small round tiles are often used as flooring, but in this kitchen they would be laid on the back of the kitchen. The honey-colored mortar adds dimension and underlines the fun shape of the tiles.

18. Add heat

Terracotta tiles laid vertically on the kitchen back wall

Hand painted Mexican Saltillo tiles add rustic charm to this kitchen. The pleasant terracotta tones visually warm up the white cabinets and contrast with the black worktops.

19. Retro flair

black tiles on the kitchen back wall, yellow combination retro

The yellow and black tiles create a retro vibe in this kitchen. The colors also inspired the yellow kitchen cabinets.

20. Inspired by nature

Kitchen back wall, inspired by nature, hand-painted brown green

These hand painted tiles on the kitchen rear wall reflect the detailed workmanship evident throughout the kitchen. In the colors brown and green, the tiles bring a touch of nature to the cooking zone. A mix of rectangular and square shapes emphasizes the simple lines of the kitchen.

21. Contrasting tiles

Tile kitchen splashback shelf spices niche

An alcove above the cooking area provides a convenient place to store frequently used oils and spices. You also get the opportunity to play with the materials. Tiles with a contrasting color in the niche turn the area into a focal point.

22. Stylish accent tiles

Tiles on the kitchen back wall white light blue country house

Small blue tiles accent the tile mirror in this renovated kitchen by repeating the blue color in the kitchen cabinets.

23. Classic elegance

Tile kitchen back wall stone tiles white aktzen points

Stone tiles add to the traditional character of this renovated kitchen and enhance its luxurious appearance. The gray and white tiles do not require too much attention, the eye falls in the middle.

Tile kitchen splashback white accents by chance

neutral tiles kitchen back wall elegance glass

Blickfang kitchen splashback color combinations

Tile kitchen back wall backdrop oak wood cabinets

Tile kitchen splashback shimmering glass modaik