The sitting area in the kitchen – 22 cozy interior design ideas

Sitting area-kitchen-large-white-bright-window sill-dining area-cushions-wooden floor

One Sitting area in the kitchen offers a variety of advantages in terms of interior design. It’s easy to incorporate into your kitchen design in a variety of ways, and each has its secrets and benefits that have yet to be discovered. A table, small or large, is a great way to take full advantage of the free space and turn the forgotten corner into a cozy and practical place.

Sitting area in the kitchen with U-shaped bench

Sitting area-kitchen-white-window sill-dining area-cushion-blue

This solution works well for kitchens that have a difficult layout, such as having a corner that is separate from the rest of the kitchen area. Turn this part into a cozy sitting area in the kitchen. Add a small, round table and a U-shaped bench. Then you get a wonderful dining area or your very own private niche for coffee with your friends!

Sitting area in the kitchen – integrate the bench into the kitchen island

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A corner table or bench does not necessarily have to be against a wall or window. Here we also want to show you another arrangement for the sitting area in the kitchen, which looks like this. The kitchen island has an integrated extension with a comfortable bench. There is a round table and two chairs in front of it. This is how you created the ideal dining area in the middle of the room.

Sitting area in the kitchen – using the potential of the window

Sitting area-kitchen-white-window-sill-dining-place-cushion-lattice-window-cushion

If you have the window in the corner of your kitchen, you can be happy! This is the ideal location for a cozy sitting area in the kitchen! In this case, you can equip the place with a corner table and suitable seating. During the day you will have plenty of natural light here that can freely enter the room through the windows and you can add a pendant lamp to complete the beautiful look. Doesn’t the perfect dining area look the same?

Bookshelves in the sitting area in the kitchen

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A corner bench with a table and some chairs not only help you to create a cozy sitting area in the kitchen, it can also be a multi-purpose place in the kitchen. Therefore, consider the option of adding one or more wall shelves there, because you will definitely need suitable reading. For example, you can place your favorite cookbooks or other things on it, you can read something in your dining area in peace, if there is nothing else to do in the meantime.

Two dining tables for more flexibility in the seating area in the kitchen

spacious sitting area kitchen design wood floor two tables

Two tables are better than one in some cases. This can be a handy option if you prefer a flexible and versatile design for the sitting area in the kitchen. You can also sit on two small tables instead of one large one, and that way you save some space in the dining area.

Modern sitting area in the kitchen – functionality in a minimalist style

floating bench wood modern furnishings kitchen green dining table

It is a known fact, modern and contemporary interior design is minimalist and the focus is on functionality. In the case of a corner-shaped kitchen island, it can, for example, be slim wall benches. A slim, rectangular table in the center of this sitting area in the kitchen and a couple of classic chairs, of course, which soften the clear minimalist design, can go very well with this.

Pleasant ambience in traditional kitchen style for the sitting area in the kitchen

kitchen country style island seating area table round chairs wood

The traditional kitchen design is a bit embellished and robust here. You can certainly imagine a custom kitchen island here: A built-in bench on one side and, in addition, a round wooden table, which is surrounded by some high-backed dining chairs. The neutral color palette of earth tones is also a typical feature of this style. Everything about this sitting area in the kitchen is color coordinated and looks really impressive!

Sitting area in the kitchen – L-shaped bench

rustic furnishings kitchen sitting area dining table chairs wood material

Small and round tables make great furniture for small nooks, but if your kitchen is spacious and has a large open floor plan then you can dedicate one of the corners to the dining area. A rectangular table can be wonderfully combined with an L-shaped bench on one side and of course with matching dining chairs on the other. This results in the complete look of your sitting area in the kitchen!

Adjust the shape of the seating area in the kitchen to the space available

table individual kitchen design red bench white cabinets

When placed in the corner, a square table can be a little awkward because of its edges. But you can adapt the shape of the table to the available space and get something special in the shape, but one that perfectly suits your needs. Here you can decide for yourself whether you need additional seats or more storage space in the corner. The end result is important: you have a cozy and practical seating area in the kitchen with comfortable seats and a space-saving design.

Sitting area in the kitchen with upholstered furniture

upholstered bench white kitchen furniture basket window seating area

An upholstered bench in the dining area will give you the feeling of comfort and cosiness. Upholstered furniture for the sitting area in the kitchen makes the whole room look inviting and comfortable. Add such a bench to one of your kitchen corners and complement the entire arrangement with a small table. You can also opt for an expandable table if you have enough space there.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Round kitchen table with an interesting chandelier

vintage corner seating window armchair bench seat cushion throw pillows

A round table is really a practical solution in the seating area in the kitchen, but it is not that easy to integrate into the overall decor. To create a little symmetry by repeating the shapes, you can hang a chandelier or a round pendant lamp over the table.

leather furniture seating area in the kitchen carpet colorful stripes

sitting area modern u shape round table leather upholstery kitchen furnishing idea

country style kitchen sitting area modern gray island parquet

Sitting area in the kitchen bench chairs brown wood parquet

bookshelf seating area in the kitchen bench table square

modern furnishings seating area in the kitchen colorful leather plastic chairs

kitchen island design seating area corner bench round table white cabinets

Sitting area in the kitchen upholstered bench round dining table

modern sitting area kitchen large dining table brown design chairs