The Scandinavian Cargo kitchens – simple shapes and clear design

wood kitchens scandinavian style stainless steel worktop

The Scandinavian kitchens Cargo was designed by Kaisa Luukkanen from Carpenter Collective and handcrafted by experienced carpenters. The natural aesthetics of the materials and the Nordic lightness of the designs bring the Scandinavian furnishing style into your kitchen.

The Scandinavian Cargo kitchens from Carpenter Collective

the Scandinavian kitchen Cargo light wood shelves

The first kitchen design is made of light wood – modern, minimalist and very functional. Just look at how compact the storage space is planned. Instead of huge cabinets that lock up the entire kitchen, all you see is a compact cabinet with multiple drawers, compartments and shelves that can store all kitchen utensils and appliances.

The Scandinavian Cargo kitchens with Nordic ease

Scandinavian style kitchens Cargo Finland handmade

The second kitchen is modular, with a cooking island, and is located in a 100 year old wooden house in Hyttikortteli. Movable and spacious storage units make life in the kitchen easier. Handcrafted solid wood units offer variety in storage. If you like the different The simplicity in these designs makes them elegant and cozy. Far from the standards of mass production and the unnecessary conspicuousness. The Scandinavian kitchens Cargo are available in solid wood types such as birch, oak, alder or ash.

light wood and stainless steel worktop

Scandinavian kitchens Cargo light wood gas stove open shelves

The most important utensils fit into the solid wood table with a drawer. The cutting board and knife holder are integrated in the drawer. The sink is large and multifunctional with a KV 1 tap from Vola. A gas stove, induction stove or a combination of both are available from Gaggenau. The smaller table is only equipped with a hob or sink. Even without devices, it can serve as a side table. The countertop is made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel – slightly thicker than what is typically used in kitchen countertops. The steel parts are made by hand in Finland.

   Scandinavian kitchen furnishingsScandinavian style modular kitchen bench stainless steel countertop

Large kitchen cabinet with two drawers

Scandinavian kitchens carpenter collective storage unit

Organizer for the kitchen

the scandinavian kitchens Cargo wall shelves stainless steel worktop

Kitchen island with sink and hobthe Scandinavian kitchens Cargo carpenters collective island

modular storage unit

Scandinavian kitchen furniture cargo storage room  cargo storage units order kitchen built-in appliances

Scandinavian kitchens Cargo cabinet built-in appliances modular

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Scandinavian kitchen furniture Cargo stainless steel sink

Scandinavian kitchens Cargo kv1 vola faucet

Scandinavian Kitchens Cargo stainless steel plate hob gas