The Modex granite sink – with high standards of quality and design

granite sink modex black cutting board white island

Blanco has long been a leading company in the field of high quality and modern design sinks, based in the small town of Oberderdingen, Germany. It has once again amazed its customers with this new product – the Granite sink Modex (shown here with Alta faucet). This granite kitchen sink is easy to install and with its clear lines is suitable for any modern or minimalist kitchen.

Granite sink Modex in white

granite sink modex blanco cutting board white rectangular

The design of the Granite sink Modex is the result of a clever reinterpretation of the space around a traditional sink that is often covered with water or food particles when preparing a meal. On the left-hand side of the sink, the drainage surface is bevelled slightly so that the excess water flows downwards towards the drain. Gravity alone lets the water run off. The drip tray is not only intended for this purpose. A cutting board is mounted on it and converts this area into additional work surface with direct disposal of waste.

Granite sink Modex – drip surface sloping in two directions

sil granite sink kitchen gray ash rectangular

At the bottom of the sink is the cap from the drainage unit. It is wide and made of stainless steel, with an extremely small gap to keep unwanted particles in the sink. the Granite sink is available in six colors. The black For this product, Blanco has placed great emphasis on the reaction with food ingredients, so that the design is stain-resistant and insensitive to dirt. This modern kitchen sink has a number of positive properties such as a patented hygiene protection formula, heat resistance up to 280 ° C, hardness and scratch resistance.

Alta kitchen faucet from Blanco

granite sink modex faucet stainless steel lever

Silgranit color palette

granite sink modex kitchen ash gray modern scratch resistant

minimalist design and high quality

granite sink white modex blanco germany

Granite sink in black

granite sink black modex blanco rectangular

sloping drip surface   granite built-in sink modex blanco black scratch-resistant heat-resistant