The modern kitchen combines aesthetics with functionality

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You used to go to the kitchen to cook dinner. Today you go to the kitchen to experience something. the modern kitchen has become an aesthetic multifunctional space.

The modern kitchen – multifunctional center of life

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In the past twenty years, the kitchen has turned into a communication center. This change is closely related to the new demands of the household. the modern kitchen is offered in different versions so that a suitable solution can be found for every room. The kitchen programs offer the possibility of combining the individual modules according to individual needs. The trend is clear – the fitted kitchen has successfully established itself. Whether as part of a living area or as a separate room in combination with a dining area depends on the available space. The kitchen island with seating has also been perfectly integrated into the kitchen concept.

Designing a modern kitchen – trendy materials, colors and decoration

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Simple colors, clear lines and a puristic, minimalist look determine the look of the fitted kitchen. High-gloss foil fronts and metal details are often the focus of the design. High-quality materials such as granite or glass can be found in the modern fitted kitchen. the modern kitchen Nowadays it is hard to imagine without decoration – decorative shelves and glass back walls are very popular at the moment. In addition, contrasting color and material combinations contribute to a trendy appearance. Smart colors such as red and purple give the room individuality, while white and blue relax the senses. The handleless kitchen cabinets in a minimalist style complement the design. The so-called bar handles, which once again expressly underline the purist aesthetic, are also very much in vogue.

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