The modern kitchen and practical kitchen appliances from Glem Progetti


The Glem Progetti design studio is famous for its emotionality in every portfolio, every project, in modern kitchen design. The designers from the studio started a new wave in interior design with passion and struggle for the goal of being one really new concept for the modern kitchen showcase. Emotional. By “an emotional idea” we mean that Glem Progetti does some surveys and analysis before starting any new project. The Italian designers here prefer to make something extraordinary and suitable for each individual customer than simply a classic one modern kitchen to design.

 modern kitchen – sink with hand shower

stainless steel-sink-handshower-modern-kitchen

The team leader of Glem Progetti is Marcello Cutino. He is a true master at creating fascinating and adorable modern kitchens. Marcello Cutino uses completely new technological innovations in construction, assembly and installation. In addition, the designer tries to introduce some new trends in the process of manufacture and combine different materials. His courageous and impressive projects for dhe modern kitchen differ with their elegant lines and original arrangement.

modern kitchen and luxury stainless steel appliances


122 is the silver kitchen by Marcello Cutino. We have these modern kitchen chosen because it is both practical and ingenious enough to grab any housewife’s attention. The stainless steel conquers all other elements. The retro style oak kitchen cabinets create an interesting contrast. In the meantime, the project, and all modern Marcello Cutino kitchens in general, remain true to the traditional Italian style – with the elegant surfaces and delicate flooring.

Modern washbasin with stainless steel


Modern kitchens from Glem Progetti may seem a little rustic or urban. What matters is that the designers really insist on the weirdness and contemporary approach in modern kitchen design today. They leave the old-fashioned rules behind and put the retro line in a delicate way, combined with some high-tech products and the latest gadgets.


luxury kitchen appliances design

luxury kitchen appliance design

innovative sink with hand shower



modern kitchen stove made of stainless steel

modern-kitchen-oven-stainless steel

modern hot plates from Glem Progetti



gas hotplate stainless steel

multifunctional oven from Glem Progetti