The kitchen trends 2017 – more openness and flowing transitions

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If you believe the trend researcher Frank A. Reinhardt, the classic kitchen will suffer the same fate in the next few years as the Walkman, the VW Beetle or the floppy disk: they will hardly exist any more. With the classic kitchen, Reinhardt means the built-in kitchen that is spatially separated from the rest of the apartment and is installed in a rather small room to save as much space as possible. The current trend is to build an open kitchen that flows smoothly into the dining room – which in turn has no partition wall towards the living room. This creates a generously dimensioned area in which community life takes place in the house. Now the question arises: what will the kitchen of the future look like? Find out more about the 2017 kitchen trends!

Kitchen trends 2017 – Dare to be more open

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One thing first: the kitchen will not lose its status as the center of social life. Rather, it is underpinned by the new room design, as you no longer isolate yourself while cooking, but rather prepare meals in the middle of the living room.

However, the kitchen will lose its traditional look. Opaque cabinets with often rather cool fronts are a thing of the past, as is the absolute focus on functionality. Instead, as part of the living area, the kitchen is set up to match the furniture in the rest of the room. Showcases with glass fronts or open shelves are used more and more to store plates, pots and the like. So kitchen utensils are not previously hidden, but rather integrated into the overall design concept.

Smooth transitions in every respect


So not only are the transitions between the different areas fluid, but also those in terms of design. If you only looked at the furniture used, you would not be able to say in various households which piece belongs to which area. Providers like have already started to offer perfectly matching pieces of furniture with which the combined dining-living-kitchen area can be completely furnished.

This trend – away from the functional, towards the cozy – will intensify in the next few years, until in the end, according to Reinhardt, “the typical terms living room or kitchen will eventually dissolve”.

Kitchen trends 2017 – Cooking is done in the middle

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The fact that the cooking area is becoming more and more spacious in the course of these developments also opens up completely new possibilities for the constellation of the individual components. The differences between the past and the present can be seen most clearly in the position of the cooker or hob.

They are no longer on the wall, but more and more often as an island in the middle of the cooking area. The advantages: the stove can be reached from all sides, and when cooking you no longer have your back to your family, but are fully integrated into the conversation.

Kitchen trends 2017 – the inventory is spruced up


In the course of the new openness in the kitchen, another logical development can be identified: household appliances shine in new splendor. Since they are no longer stored behind opaque fronts, but rather openly visible behind glass, design now plays an important role in the purchase decision.

While in the past it was mainly a matter of doing their job with such devices, there is now a new component in the form of aesthetics. This trend has already been reflected in the assortments of mostly furniture stores. Instead of plastic, the look of kitchen gadgets is now dominated by glass or stainless steel.

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