The classic luxury kitchens with original motifs from RESTART


RESTART is a popular European manufacturer. The team presents original and charming kitchen furniture to the audience – their classic luxury kitchens. This luxury kitchen furniture makes the greatest impression on the audience. The retro kitchen cabinets, islands and royal sinks in a classic style fit every kitchen. Also the one you dream about when you go to bed.

The classic luxury kitchens from Restart in black


These classic luxury kitchens from Restart are the perfect choice when you have no idea how to achieve the look of the classic kitchen designs from the magazines and websites. The impressive ornamentation of this kitchen furniture could serve as the most important element in the room, leaving the rest of it untouched and empty. Free space at home is always modern and comfortable. The materials are mainly marble, steel and wood. The classic alternative for authentic and original cuisine.

The classic luxury kitchens with copper and gold motifs


Besides the great classic luxury kitchens RESTART presents many ideas for kitchen decoration. The company produces mosaics for walls and floors. Made from the fine ceramics and glass. Restart’s lighting systems are retro and aristocratic and ideally match the fresh and bright ones classic luxury kitchens. The copper and gold motifs in the decoration of the cupboards and ovens symbolize prosperity and splendor.

classic luxury kitchen from RESTART


Restart designers keep up with the traditions and the latest trends adopted in modern interior design. The company is open to new innovations and technologies, especially when it comes to electrical kitchen appliances. D.he classic kitchen design can be transferred into extremely original ideas by using the classic luxury kitchens received from restart.


Luxury kitchen with a classic look

luxury kitchen-classic-look

 Italian luxury kitchens from RESTART


Luxury kitchen with antique copper motifs from Restart


luxurious authentic cuisine in cream


luxurious authentic cuisine from Restart


luxury kitchen-classic-style    red-kitchen-furniture-copper-gold-motifs

white luxury kitchen from Restart


traditional Italian kitchen furniture


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