State-of-the-art wooden kitchen Sine Tempore by Valcucine in an elegant design

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Wood kitchen Sine Tempore by designer Gabriele Centazzo brings together modern design and craftsmanship. The product was launched in 2013. This is how the Italian kitchen manufacturer Valcucine achieved to properly continue traditions and craft techniques in today’s world.

Wood kitchen continues years of tradition

Aesthetic longevity - Valcucine design guaranteed by - choice of materials for kitchen design

Valcucine has it Wood kitchen Sine Tempore developed and staged as the embodiment of traditional craft techniques such as carving, pyrography, inlay technique, mosaic art, stone processing techniques. The kitchen should therefore convey traditional values.

Bringing traditional craftsmanship to life

wooden kitchen fronts marble work counters-modern Valcucine models stainless steel

Wood kitchen Sine Tempore by Valcucine guarantees longevity and thus stands for sustainable development. Their longer useful life helps reduce environmental pollution. The manual processing of the kitchen surfaces and fronts are not only extremely functional, but also underline the individuality of the user.

Individual design of the surfaces

Kitchen design to continue individual surface-artisanal art techniques

The kitchen fronts are made of solid elm tattile and the worktops – in marble and porphyry. Mosaics have been used to decorate wooden surfaces. The modern kitchen Sine Tempore can be successfully combined with an extractor hood made of copper or stainless steel.

Stacking worktops and kitchen back walls

Stone processing technology Natural stone imitation stick decoration Wall border Kitchen

The rough manual processing technique of surfaces, which creates a wavy look and imitates natural stone, is ideal as a complement to the natural look of a Wood kitchen.

Decorative stone processing by hand

Stone Processing Techniques Coarse Malleable Kitchen Countertops Back Walls

Woodworking and carving

Wood carving - modern decorations, kitchen fronts, technical implementation

Removing material creates ornaments with a decorative character. Carved decorations are beautifully combined with pyrography decorations on wood, cork, leather.

Implement inlay technique

Wood-carving craftsmanship-to bring new life-Valcucine

Inlay is a handcrafted decoration technique in which pieces made of different materials and in various colors are placed in and next to each other and thus create a beautiful pattern or overall picture.

Decorative decorations on the kitchen cabinets

Italian traditional cuisine-craftsmanship-carving-inlay technique

Mosaics decorate the kitchen surfaces by Sine Tempore

Continuing decorating techniques-kitchen Valcucine-traditional craftsmanship

Sine Tempore by the designer Gabriele Centazzo

Sine Tempore-Modern Design Kitchen-Wood Elm Valcucine-Italian

Aesthetic longevity is guaranteed 

Sine-Tempore modern wood kitchen fronts Valcucine 2013 products range

Hand-decorated kitchen fronts

Kitchen upper cabinets freezer door furniture-elm light-tenon tenon tenon

Modern kitchen system offers sufficient storage space

Furniture Kitchen-Guaranteed Lifetime Storage Furniture Cabinet

Fitted kitchen made of high quality wood

Modern kitchen-elm wood fronts-marble counter extractor hood stainless steel-Valcucine

Italian design kitchen with a rectangular shape

Designer kitchen cabinets Italian elm wood guaranteed lifetime

Pendant luminaire with a copper body for kitchen furnishings made of wood

Copper body pendulum luminaire trapezoidal Valcucine kitchen design

Open shelves dryer dishes-Valcucine 2013 model kitchen

Kitchen furniture Ergomonic furnishing solutions Drawers-wood, elm-marble counter

Kitchen back wall Stocken Stone processing corrugated Technique pendant light

Kitchen fronts drawers carvings decorations-hand-made

Design kitchen Valcucine Gabriele Centazzo surfaces with a wavy finish

Fitted kitchen system Italian long service life-Sine Tempore

Wooden kitchen modern design-functional furniture-fitted kitchen systems

Functional kitchen Valcucine design-the surfaces craftsmanship

Rough processing, corrugated Look natural stone is similar to the kitchen worktop

Dish dryer-kitchen accessories-valcucine light staging

Wine cooler wooden stand design-modern Italian kitchen equipment

Elm design mortise and tenon joints-bearing frame elements kitchen rear wall

Light-in the kitchen modern Valcucine counters plates modern processing materials