Stainless steel sink for the kitchen – a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality

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Those who want to completely rebuild a kitchen are often spoiled for choice. Even sinks are made from a variety of materials and come in a variety of shapes. One Stainless steel sink and stainless steel fittings have several advantages – they are easy to care for, durable, easy to keep clean and do not get stained.

Stainless steel sink – the perfect finish for a modern kitchen

Kitchen Sink Kitchen Island-Black Designer Kitchen

We present you the attractive designs from Kohler. The collections of stainless steel kitchen sinks are characterized by modern design and the highest quality. Every Stainless steel sink is not only beautiful, but also practical and ergonomic and can be used for almost any interior style.

Kitchen trends – stainless steel sink and faucet

Integrated sink-kitchen island design

Every Kohler design can support your personal style. The cow island with integrated Stainless steel sink offers enough space for cooking or for fruit and vegetables to dry. Drip trays and leftover trays meet the highest demands on ergonomics and hygiene.

Trendy furniture for the kitchen

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The innovative design ensures more comfort and well-being in every activity and in every location. It’s always the small details that turn conventional stuff into a functional, modern system. the Stainless steel sink A linen look is often recommended as the texture is less sensitive to scratching and dirt.

Stainless steel kitchen sink with an extravagant look

Faucet design sink-stainless steel Kohler

The shine-Stainless steel sink impresses with its clean lines and elegant appearance. It’s practical and eye-catching. The products of Charcoal burner are very diverse. Among the collections you can find interesting modern sinks with rounded edges or with a rustic look. Sinks are still made from ceramic and recycled materials.

Sink – an important element of kitchen equipment

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Built-in sink with cabinet offers storage space – Shiny fitting made of stainless steel

Kitchen counter built-in sink-Kohler

Clean shapes and rounded edges add a romantic touch

Kitchen faucet-stainless steel design Kohler

Built-in sink made of stainless steel – mixer with a simple silhouette

Sink design stainless steel

Deep sink with a rustic look for a country-style kitchen

Rustic look kitchen sink - Kohler design

Stainless steel kitchen sink set – Kitchen sink and Kitchen faucet 

Kitchen sink design stainless steel Kohler

Sink faucet – Stainless steel sink

Sink for kitchen-Kohler design