Space-saving door systems for kitchen wall units – an overview

Door systems for kitchen wall units, folding-lift-doors-hanging cabinet-wood-handle-stainless steel

As a rule, a lot should be accommodated in the kitchen and a little extra storage space can never be too much. A wall unit is the ideal addition to kitchen furniture because it offers plenty of storage space and looks good in the room. An important part of the wall cabinet design is the opening mechanism of the cabinet doors. In addition to the usual revolving doors that can be opened outwards, there are still a few Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets which are more space-saving and not in the way. You can find out more about this in the article.

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets – the folding lift doors

Door systems for kitchen wall units, folding-lift-doors-wood-frosted glass-wall unit-kitchen

Has it ever happened to you to bang your head on the open revolving doors of the wall unit? The open wall cupboard is always in the way and should be closed immediately after use to avoid any risk of impact. An alternative would be to choose a different door system for the kitchen overhead cabinets. The so-called folding lift doors, for example, have a two-part front that can be opened upwards and provides storage space with several shelves.

Opening mechanism for fold-lift door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets, folding-lift-doors-automatic-white-kitchen-wall-mounted cabinet

The front of the folding lift doors folds in the middle with folding flap fittings and therefore does not need too much distance from the ceiling. Therefore, kitchen wall units with this opening mechanism are well suited for kitchens with low ceilings. In addition, the open cabinet doors do not hang in the way with this door system and you can leave them open in a hurry.

Design the kitchen in a modern way with electric kitchen wall units

Door systems for kitchen wall units folding-lift-doors-electric-modern-kitchen-shiny-fronts

The folding lift doors for the wall units can either be opened and closed manually with a handle or automatically. The automatic door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets are particularly used in modern kitchens and go well with taller wall cabinets whose handle is out of reach when open.

Door systems for kitchen wall units – space-saving pocket doors

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets retracted-revolving-doors-kitchen-cabinet-wood-idea

The so-called pocket doors or retracted revolving doors are another door system for kitchen cabinets that is considered to be space-saving. Like the revolving doors, they open to the side, but do not protrude as much into the room. This space-saving design is perfect for small kitchens, but looks just as good in spacious kitchens.

Retracted revolving doors disappear after opening

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-retracted-revolving-doors-wooden-cupboard-shelves

With some models of the retracted revolving doors, they disappear completely into the “pockets” and convert the kitchen cupboard into a shelf. This storage space can be used for kitchen utensils and dishes, as well as for cooking utensils and food.

Use the cupboard as a shelf with pocket doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-retracted-revolving-door-storage-space-kitchen-white

Pocket doors make working in front of the cupboard much more pleasant, especially when the cupboard doors are open. In small kitchens, you can still use the space in the cupboard as a worktop. If you need to put the kitchen in order very quickly, the doors can be closed quickly and everything will look tidy and clean again.

Door systems for kitchen wall units – sliding doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-sliding-doors-opening mechanism-glass-modern

Doors that open to the side can also be replaced by so-called sliding doors. Like the folding lift doors, they can be opened upwards, but have a one-piece front that “floats” upwards. There is no risk of impact with this opening mechanism and it offers easy access to the shelves.

Automatic sliding doors for kitchen cabinets

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-sliding-doors-glossy-surface-kitchen

With a flap lift, the sliding doors are first opened a little forwards and then upwards parallel to the cabinet. The cabinet doors can either be pushed up manually using a handle, or an automatic opening can be ordered again. If you tap the front lightly with your fingers, the sliding door on the automatic models opens by itself.

Plan the distance to the ceiling for the kitchen wall unit with sliding doors

door systems-kitchen wall units-sliding-doors-wall-cupboard-shiny-fronts

However, the floating door systems for kitchen wall units do not fit every wall unit. Ceiling-high cabinets, for example, are not possible with this mechanism because the door needs a corresponding clearance from the ceiling. If you decide on sliding doors, you should measure and plan the required distance.

Door systems for kitchen wall units – folding doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-folding-door-glass-white-kitchen-stainless steel-handles

However, if you want kitchen cabinets that open to the side, you can choose a design with folding doors. However, you should note that the folding doors are not as space-saving as the floating or folding lift doors. The open doors protrude into the room and should not be left open. However, if it is a wall unit in the corner of the kitchen, then the folding doors are also not in the way.

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets – the classic sliding doors


Sliding doors bring in a good, space-saving idea for the kitchen wall units. They do not protrude into the kitchen at all and can simply be pushed aside on rails. With sliding doors, however, you can never have the closet completely open.

Kitchen cabinets with sliding glass doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-sliding-doors-glass-wood-kitchen cabinet-idea

The door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets with sliding doors are practical and perfect for small kitchens. There are no limits to the choice of materials and colors and the fronts can be easily adapted to the furnishings. For wall units that are used to store dishes, you can opt for sliding glass doors that provide a glimpse into the inside of the cupboard.

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets – the horizontal flap doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-horizontal-folding-doors-handle-kitchen cabinets

Other popular door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets are the horizontal flap doors. They open upwards and are particularly suitable for wall units without shelves. The folding doors are usually provided with handles that are used for easier opening.

Wall cabinets with drop down doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-flap-horizontal-flap-doors-frosted glass-wood

The horizontal flap doors are a good choice for small kitchens because they can accommodate dishes, glasses and groceries. The flaps only open up to the top edge of the cupboard and are therefore also suitable for ceiling-high kitchen cupboards.

Horizontal drop down doors ideas for kitchen overhead cabinets

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-folding-doors-horizontal-frosted glass-handle-small-kitchen

A kitchen wall cabinet with folding doors not only offers storage space, but also gives the kitchen a finished look. Regardless of whether you opt for cabinet doors made of wood, plastic, glass or frosted glass – the wall unit can be a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Door systems for kitchen overhead cabinets – the Venetian blind doors

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-louvre-doors-aluminum-noble-optics-modern

A simple decision in favor of the cabinet doors is the so-called louvre doors. They have an elegant look and perfectly hide dishes, pots and supplies behind them. The fronts can be made of wood, metal or plastic and simply roll up through the blind guide.

Kitchen wall units with louvre doors for a tidy kitchen

door systems-kitchen upper cabinets-louvre-doors-innovative-kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinets with louvre doors are space-saving because there are no open doors protruding into the kitchen. When open, the cupboards can also be used as shelves and after closing the blinds, the kitchen looks tidy again.

Blinds or shades instead of cabinet doors for the kitchen cupboards

door systems-kitchen wall units-combination-opening mechanisms-louvre-folding doors

For a modern kitchen, you can also have roller blinds installed instead of cabinet doors, which can be opened with side pull controls. However, with blinds and roller blinds used as kitchen fronts, part of the available storage space is taken away if the mechanisms are located inside the cabinet.

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