So the kitchen can find space in the hallway! 5 clever solutions

Some apartments are so small that there is no space for a kitchen in the living room. But a good interior designer can find a solution to any problem! We will show you 5 clever projects by professional designers, where the small kitchen is integrated in the hallway, so that valuable space remains free for other uses. The floor plans of the individual apartments can also give you good ideas if you are planning to renovate or build a house.

1. Kitchen in the hallway of a one-room apartment

Kitchenette in the hallway - a clever idea for studios

location: Reutov, Moscow region

Living space: 35 sqm, studio in a new building

who lives here: Mother and daughter

Designer: Yuri and Yana Volkov

problem: The size and configuration of the apartment left the designers no leeway: The apartment is long, all rooms are lined up one behind the other and there is only one window, which is at the other end, opposite the entrance door.

All rooms are arranged one behind the other

Connect the kitchen and hallway

solution: The arrangement of the kitchen and bedroom along the long corridor allowed the designers to organize a full-fledged living room. The bedroom is separated from the hallway by sliding doors.

The hallway merges into the kitchen, so that the furniture – not just the kitchen unit with built-in appliances, but also a cloakroom for coats and jackets – is lined up along the wall of the hallway.

The entrance area and the kitchen have the same style and flooring, so they are visually connected. The white high-gloss fronts of the kitchen unit and the cloakroom compensate for the lack of natural light in this area and make it appear brighter.

Kitchen and hall in one

The floor in the hallway and in the kitchen is covered with tiles – the black and red pattern looks like a decorative carpet. The wall above the breakfast bar is painted with blackboard paint so that you can draw on it with chalk. The black wall also adds more depth to the narrow corridor and allows the white kitchen fronts to come into their own.

What is important: If such zones with different functions are strung together, it is better if the kitchen and entrance area are designed in the same style and their details do not differ significantly in terms of color and material. It is not worth optically separating the kitchen from the hallway.

Kitchenette in the hallway with counter and bar stool

2. Living room, kitchen and hall in one

Design the kitchen in the hallway - clever room layout

Where: Moscow

Living space: 41 sqm

Designer and owner of the apartment: Tatiana Bobyleva, founder of the PROforma group

problem: The apartment was designed by the developer as a one-room apartment. In fact, it stayed that way, but instead of a small kitchen and a large open space, the designer re-divided the floor plan and separated the bedroom from the living and dining area.

Kitchenette in the hallway and built-in cupboard with oven in the living room

solution: The furnishing of this small apartment relies on the optical illusion of the actual volume distribution: the room appears larger than it is. This feeling is created by two large wooden boxes, one of which is in the hallway and the second in the living room. The latter purposely does not reach up to the ceiling in order to create the feeling of additional volume.

In order to gain more space in the living room, the kitchen was installed in the hallway, almost in front of the entrance door. This created space for a separate bedroom.

open kitchen in the hallway - light wood and white - mirrored back wall

The kitchen is located in the passage area between the hall and living room and is designed in white and light wood. The base cabinets and the decorative frame are made of plywood, the upper cabinets have white doors. The bright colors make the entrance area look brighter and the mirrored splash guard gives the feeling that the wall units are floating in the air.

What is important: Small apartments and studios shouldn’t appear overloaded. To create a feeling of space and space, you can use these simple tricks: mirrors as splash protection or cupboards that do not quite reach the ceiling.

3. Open kitchen in the hallway

small kitchen in the hallway and living room

location: St. Petersburg

Living space: 33 sqm

Who lives here: a young girl

Project designer: Nikita Zub

problem: Originally it was a one-room apartment, but the owner wanted a separate bedroom with a window. So she asked the designer to rethink the entire floor plan.

The studio apartment before and after the renovation

Design the kitchen in the hallway - floor plan before and after

There are many planning options for such small apartments. You just have to think outside the box when it comes to new solutions. So the designer decided to swap the places in the kitchen and bedroom and create a separate room for a walk-in closet.

solution: Since there is no gas system in the new building and the apartment is on the first floor, the question of moving the kitchen was agreed without difficulty. As a result, the kitchenette was built in the place of the former corridor, as close as possible to the supporting pillars.

small open kitchen in the hallway in black and white

The bar counter with two chairs was an idea of ​​the apartment owner. Very often she doesn’t eat at home, so a wet bar is more than enough for her personal needs. The black table top creates a pleasant contrast to the white fronts. The two kitchen units were set up on opposite walls – so there is more work surface and plenty of storage space.

Important is: The subject of “natural light” is particularly important for apartments on the lower floors. If it is not enough, opt for light-colored furniture and wall colors and plan additional lighting.

4. Small kitchen in the entrance area

Hide the kitchenette in the entrance area

location: Sochi

Living space: Kitchen 6 sqm; Total size of the studio – 25 square meters

Who lives here: The customers planned to rent the studio out or use it as a guest apartment for friends and relatives.

Project designer: Maria Gubina

problem: The designer was asked to make the strange layout of the studio apartment more comfortable and to hide the kitchen as much as possible (see plan below). But that turned out to be not that easy. They decided to make the kitchen in the hallway and not in another room (there wasn’t any space anywhere else anyway).

The small kitchenette remains in the hallway, but is hidden in a multifunctional piece of furniture

small kitchen in the entrance area - idea for a studio

solution: The owners wanted the kitchen to be somehow hidden in the hallway, but still functional. The white high-gloss kitchen (fingerprints are barely visible) was given a lid for the worktop: when closed, the kitchen unit is reminiscent of a large chest of drawers.

Kitchenette in high-gloss white in the hallway

The kitchen unit is 240 cm long – not that small for a studio apartment. There is enough space for a sink integrated into the countertop, a hotplate with two fields and a decent work surface.

Important is: In a room with a complex configuration, additional zoning with color and material is not necessary. Here porcelain stoneware tiles were laid not only on the floor in the hallway or in the kitchen, but also in the entire studio in order to maintain a uniform style. A uniform floor covering ensures a harmonious overall picture.

Lighting with cold white light above the worktop

Kitchen in the entrance area

From the hall you go into the bedroom-living room

small kitchen hidden in the hallway under countertop

The mirrored door doubles as a dressing mirror

mirrored door creates an optical illusion

5. Narrow walk-through kitchen

Walk-through kitchen in the hallway in wood and white

location: Moscow region

size: 98 sqm, four-room apartment

who lives here: a family with two children

Project designer: MO interior design, Olga Tregubova and Marina Erpuleva

The customers are a married couple with two daughters who need their own bedrooms. In order to get the most out of the apartment, the designers have redesigned the floor plan. The apartment was divided in such a way that the windows remain in those living spaces where they are more needed. The kitchen in the hallway also made it possible to build the cupboards up to the ceiling and thus to fully utilize the available space.

narrow walk-through kitchen with two kitchenettes

Two-row kitchens offer more work surface and storage space and are perfect for larger households. The two kitchen units were arranged opposite one another – the sink, the oven with hotplate and the dishwasher are located on the left wall, while the microwave is built into the tall cupboard in the right kitchen unit, leaving a wonderful amount of work space. The worktop is made of artificial stone and the back wall of hardened glass – both are white. Thanks to the good choice of colors, the small kitchen looks bright and inviting even without a window.

small kitchen in wood and matt white with handleless cabinet fronts

View from the kitchen into the living room

Set up a walk-through kitchen - fronts in wood and white