Sitting area kitchen ideas – dining area with bench

Seating area kitchen -seat-dining area-brown-warm-beige-wood-wall paneling

The bench in the kitchen is experiencing a revival as a functional design element, particularly popular when furnishing small apartments. As a result, the limited space is optimally used and as many seats as possible are secured in a small area. Sitting area kitchen ideas convince with practical use and modern design when furnishing open dining and cooking areas.

Sitting area kitchen ideas – the perfect bench for your dining area

Seating area kitchen -seat-dining area-wood-solid-upholstery-seat cushion-yellow-synthetic leather

The seating area encloses one or two sides of the table and placed on the corner or even walled in, it offers several seats as possible chairs that need additional space behind the backrest to move. One more guest can easily sit down without the small kitchen becoming a disadvantage.

Seating area kitchen ideas – storage space under the seat

Seating area kitchen -seat-dining area-dining table-metal frame-wooden plate-storage space

Benches definitely optimize the space – create more seating and storage space. Traditional chest benches or those with compartments under the seat accommodate utensils and accessories. The storage area remains invisible and, if necessary, can also be closed with sliding cabinet doors.

Sitting area kitchen ideas – wood and metal for a modern touch

Sitting area kitchen -seat-dining-area-dining-table-wood-metal-chairs-cushions

A bench with cushions always looks cozy and inviting. Upholstered seat with beautiful patterned fabric or monochrome in gray or beige looks completely stylish. Chic designs enhance the idea of ​​a bench that is often associated with it in waiting rooms. Beautiful upholstery and elegant design in combination with practical use are wonderfully suitable for even the most demanding living environments.

Sitting area kitchen ideas – simple, modern and cozy

Seating area kitchen - ideas - bench - dining area - wall cladding - wood - upholstered - dining table

Put simple furniture in neutral colors and elements made of wood together and achieve a modern look with a cozy flair. Wood makes minimalist design and cool nuances appear warmer. Stick to this design principle and always achieve the best results.

Brick sitting area covered with wood 

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-modern-solid-table-wood-eames-side-chair

Sitting area kitchen ideas of Scandinavian style – snow white with black details

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-white-scandinavian-modern-black-accents

Sitting area for the small kitchen

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-modern-brown-floor-design-small-apartment

Place the bench and dining table in the brightest place in the room 

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-bright-white-wooden floor-winter garden

Chic seating area next to the window

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-winter garden-rattan-chairs-cozy-vase-plants

Spacious kitchen with a square bench integrated into the kitchen island

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-large-kitchen-island-beige-window-terrace

Sitting area with chic upholstered furniture 

Seating area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-white-furniture-upholstery-chairs-wall-petrol-mirror

Curved bench and chic chairs for the dining area

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-white-chairs-upholstery-black-lattice-window-decoration

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-white-upholstery-tufted-rattan-chair-window-picture-fresh

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-white-modern-simple-chairs-black-metal

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-white-cream-white-window-bright-orchids

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-chic-chairs-black-upholstery-gray-dining-table-wood-lights-design

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-elegant-chic-white-upholstery-vase-glass

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-elegant-gray-window-curtains-pendant-lamp-flowers

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-chic-brown-window-warm-leather-upholstery

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-living-kitchen-white-furniture-black-wood-floor-window sill

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-modern-white-window-flooring-natural stone-optics

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-wooden floor-chairs-modern-design-window sill

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-wood-chairs-table-oval-window sill-cushions

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-white-beige-dining table-wood-vintage-light

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-wooden floor-table-solid-chairs-white-seat cushions-upholstery

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-corner bench-upholstery-beige-table-white-tulip-design

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining area-chest bench-cushion-vintage-orange-wall-paint

Sitting area-kitchen-bench-dining-area-shabby-shic-wallpaper-table-windowsill-cushions