Shaping Silestone freestanding kitchen inspired by the pocket knife

Design inspired by the Swiss pocket knife - freestanding kitchen look

We present you an innovative one freestanding kitchen, which debuted at Milan Design Week 2012. The design by the renowned designer duo Fernando and Humberto Campana from Brazil was created in cooperation with the Consentino Group. Shaping Silestone offers a wide range of uses. The unique shape was inspired by a Swiss army knife.

Innovative furniture design – Freestanding kitchen Shaping Silestone by Campanas

Modular kitchen systems-walnut wood stool to match

The multifunctional freestanding kitchen represents a unique combination of sculptural aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology and functionality. Although it looks extraordinary and bizarre, it is suitable for everyday use in any kitchen. The exclusive modular piece of furniture by Campana Brüder consists of three axes and combines 3 kitchen areas in one concept, which, however, require the appropriate space.

Multifunctional freestanding kitchen with a Swiss Army knife look

Campana's modular kitchen island, modern design Consentino

The exclusive furniture design transforms the kitchen space into a multifunctional living space. The freestanding kitchen with worktop, stove, table and sink. Elements of the installation include Silestone® countertops and a built-in Integrity by Cosentino® sink. “Silestone®” is an innovative material made of natural quartz and characterized by special properties – strong stain, impact and scratch resistance, as well as low liquid absorption. The material is particularly suitable for use in kitchens.

New generation kitchen systems

Walnut kitchen fronts kitchen block-modern worktop

The front panels made of high-quality old walnut wood underline the exclusivity of the kitchen. The extraordinary aesthetics make them an eye-catcher in every room and invite you to culinary experiments.

The design piece by Campana brothers

Shaping Silestone Campanas-multifunctional furniture-kitchen design fronts

Consentino Group – a company specializing in the production of natural quartz stone and recycled surfaces, collaborated Campana brothers for the second time. Both designers live and work and São Paulo cooperate with many internationally recognized furniture manufacturers. Her design objects are permanent exhibits in museums for modern art and have been awarded many prizes.

Chairs designed in the same style complete the design

Swiss Army Knife-inspired kitchen island equipment

Modern kitchen with swivel side pull-out  

Modular kitchen furniture-3 axes-modern design walnut

 Integrity by Cosentino® sinks

Multifunctional kitchen Shaping-Silestone Campanas Brothers Consentino

Modular system

Designer furniture walnut wood fronts-stylish chairs sink

Silestone® work surfaces

Kitchen free-standing-modern systems Shaping Silestone-Campanas brothers

Natural quartz surfaces are characterized by low liquid absorption

Recessed sink-stainless steel faucet-kitchen systems

Patented Innovative Material-Consentino Group Shaping-Silestone

Exclusive kitchen design, built-in sink-oven-Campana Consentino

Kitchen with worktop Shaping Silestone-by Campanas Consentino

Innovative kitchen design materials-natural quartz plates

Modern kitchen compact built-in appliances-sink freestanding design

Sink patented Shaping-Silestone Campanas-Brothers designer stainless steel

Pocket knife design kitchen island modular system Milan Design Week