Setting up a small kitchen – Tips for room layout and colors

Set up a small kitchen - sloping roof - white - fronts - marble - back wall - wooden fronts

We’ll show you some creative ideas on how to make yours set up a small kitchen can – and give you some tips for room layout and color selection.

Setting up a small kitchen – room planning

Setting up a small kitchen with white fronts, blackboard lacquer, brick look

If you have a limited living space and use it to the maximum, you can opt for a U-shaped kitchen. The kitchen island will visually divide the room. Bar stools save space and connect the living room with the kitchen. Use the available space wisely – and mount cabinets on the wall so that you can secure enough storage space for the cooking utensils. If you have a set up a small kitchen you have to stick to the golden rule – less is more. Sliding door, lots of wall shelves and cabinets are a must. Keeping your small kitchen tidy will save you a lot of time.

Setting up a small kitchen – colors and decorations

Small kitchen set up white-front-brick-wall-facing bricks

The colors in the small kitchens should make the room appear bright – the white kitchen units automatically make the room appear larger. They can look cozier with colorful chairs or accents. If you want to give the kitchen a charm, you can opt for colorful curtains or decorations. Wall clocks or small pictures, carpet with stripes are original and practical additions to the interior. Who one set up a small kitchen can be inspired by the following pictures and integrate them in your own home.

small-kitchen-furnishing-beige-white-high-gloss-fronts-peninsula-glass-splash protection

small-kitchen-furnishing-room-high-cupboards-matt-taupe-glbe-accent wall

White kitchen with purple accents – kitchen back wall with floral patterns

Furnishing ideas small kitchen-purple accents

100 living ideas for the kitchen and the different kitchen styles

Wall lighting over the kitchen island and cupboards save space

small white kitchen closet kitchen and living room

Living room and kitchen – open plan apartment

small kitchen set up plan-white black chairs dining area

Small kitchen with dining area – glass table and acrylic chairs make the room appear larger

Furnish apartment kitchen dining area

White small kitchen with island and wooden bar stools

Kitchen counter bar stool wood colonial style

Kitchen with sloping ceiling and wooden counter

small kitchen sloping ceiling window

Green chairs set accents and make the kitchen look cozy

small kitchen green chairs dining area

Built-in appliances and wall shelves are a must in the small kitchen

small white kitchen set up ideas wooden bales

small kitchen set up-mirror tiles

Glass cabinets for small colonial kitchens

small all white kitchen furnishing designs

Small country-style kitchen – with a practical U-shape

sky blue kitchen cabinets country style

Small black kitchen island and mirror make the room look spacious

small island acrylic chairs

Orange kitchen – shiny surfaces reflect the daylight

small kitchen retro style orange color

small kitchen Scandinavian style

plan to set up a cozy, narrow kitchen

blue kitchen dining area-Scandinavian style