Planning and designing a small kitchen with a dining area – inspiring ideas

small-kitchen-dining area - modern-minimalist-white-scandinavian-chairs-wood

We’ll show you 22 inspiring ideas on how to create a Kitchen with dining area can set up. Let yourself be inspired by these interesting and exciting ideas and plan a comfortable distribution of space in the room. We wish you a lot of fun!

Kitchen with dining area – fresh interior design ideas

small-kitchen-dining area - black-white-minimalist-scandinavian-table-chairs

If you have a small Kitchen with dining area If you want to plan, you can do so in several simple steps. Most of all, you can opt for a built-in kitchen in a U-shape. White color and light flooring will make them look bigger. Arrange the table and chairs near the window. Here you can experiment with colors and materials, and still set up the dining area in accordance with the furnishing style of the kitchen. A color mix, on the other hand, is recommended – while the kitchen itself can look plain and simple, you should let your creativity run free when decorating the dining area. Find colorful chairs or chairs with an unusual shape and use them to set accents. If you have free space by the window, you can opt for a comfortable bench, which you can then freshen up with colorful upholstery and cushions. A two-seater sofa can do the same trick in case you don’t have window space. The table should be matched with the number of people in the family. A rotary table is always more practical and space-saving.

Kitchen with dining area – colorful decoration ideas

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One Kitchen with dining area can not only be practical, but also look stylish – visually separate the dining area from the rest of the room. An interesting pendant light, colorful pictures or other creative wall decorations / such as original wall tattoos, wall clocks or even a blackboard / can help you. Of course, fresh flowers are always welcome at the table, but fruits are equally attractive. Even if you don’t have any flowers for decoration, you can arrange several vases. We’ll show you some interior design ideas that will make your house look cozy and inviting – and where you can always invite your friends over for dinner or coffee!

Small kitchen with dining area in white

small-kitchen-dining area - white-plain-simple-functional-small apartment

Small kitchen with dining area in white – traditional and modern under one roof


blue kitchen bench dining area create original wall decoration

Colonial style small kitchen dining area make fresh flowers as decoration

Kitchen Scandinavian style colorful furniture - orange, yellow, pictures wall

Glass table painting flowers pattern dining area

purple interior design kitchen blue bench

Design a vintage style dining area - cozy two-seater sofa

small kitchen-shape rustic wood beams

Wood kitchen bamboo chairs tulips table decoration

Kitchen island counter classic white kitchen

small bench green walls white cabinets wood bench

Country style kitchen design idea

rustic kitchen room distribution-dark blue counter

Sitting area bench kitchen ideas

cozy kitchen white color mirror

Spring decoration kitchen dining area design sunflower table decoration

Windowsill orange color- yellow kitchen wall color

Dining area with white table and blue chairs

Dining area kitchen-yellow orange accents metal