Open kitchen with living room – pros, cons and 50 ideas

One open kitchen with living room A quarter of German households are already happy and the rest are probably already dreaming of it. This type of furnishing is modern, the room looks more spacious, you get a better overview and feel more comfortable as a result. Ultimately, it’s all about feeling good, everything else remains a purely technical matter. Despite the superlatives, there are some pros and cons to be taken into account.

Open kitchen with living room – make optimal use of space and feel good

Open kitchen with living room -brick wall-dining area-light wood-upholstered furniture

The pragmatic question of what happens to the smell when cooking is always critical. Daily cooking, even under the hood, leaves smells of food and spices. When eating, you can also see the still dirty work surfaces in the kitchen, the dishes and the used tools are lying around. You are faced with a conflict as to whether you should take care of the order straight away or postpone cleaning up until the next morning.

Open kitchen with small living room – two areas in one room

Open kitchen with living room-small-white-high-gloss-modern-chairs-table-glass-top-light-modern-extravagant

However, only one of the advantages can be mentioned and that is the aesthetic, visual factor. An open design for living room and kitchen design has a more communicative and friendly effect. You can arrange cooking evenings with friends and chat with them as you prepare for dinner. The entire kitchen-living area looks particularly spacious if the same flooring is chosen for the entire room.

Separate the open kitchen from the living room: partition walls with an industrial look

Modern open kitchen in the living room – A penthouse in Israel

Planning a kitchen island with a counter: How to design a functional island kitchen

open kitchen dining room living room in one room 

Open kitchen with living room -white-brick wall-white-painted-floor-gray-lights-modern-wooden beams

A cooking island or a kitchen counter can still visually separate the rooms and will not damage the casual ambience. An open kitchen design saves traffic space and uses it as living space. Around a third of Germans consider the kitchen area to be their favorite room. Therefore, a quality facility in this area is particularly important and also the reason that you want to invest more money in it.

Loft apartment in gray tones and colored upholstered furniture

Open kitchen with living room-white-modern-color accents-window wall furniture-lights

An open kitchen design can be chosen for any interior style. Regardless of whether you are planning a traditional country house kitchen or a modern facility like in this example. The white, minimalist kitchen cabinets are in an industrial-style room with a concrete look with an adjoining dining area and a small seating area by a fireplace.

Spacious living room with kitchen and dining table

Open kitchen with living room-white-light-wood-couch-brown-modern-pendant lamp-chairs-photos

A kitchen island can act as a room divider between the open kitchen area and the rest of the living space. However, an island can also be missing from the kitchen equipment. In some cases, this saves valuable space. Instead, you can use the area for the dining table or simply leave it free. A dining area also adorns the room in this example and matches the color of the modern cupboards.

One room, several areas, harmonious atmosphere

Open kitchen with living room -white-cream-white-wood-modern-plastic-chair-modern

This open living space was designed in a similar way. A support column on the wall is used here to visually separate the kitchen and seating area from one another, while the dining area takes up the area in between. The decor is bright and friendly and uses some elements that are typical of the Scandinavian style.

Modern design – kitchen counter in the living room

Open kitchen with living room-wall cladding-TV-stool-modern-kitchen counter

Colors, or color contrasts, are also suitable for dividing an open space into areas. The living room design above uses light and dark colors for this. The dark gray floor adorns the entire room, while dark wood was used for the lounge and, more precisely, for the wall unit. The kitchen counter is again made of white marble. In order to create a connection, marble was also used in the seating area for the fireplace.

Gray and red go wonderfully together

Open kitchen with living room-couch-red-corner sofa-accent-carpet-gray-kitchen island

Plain in white with colored accents

Open kitchen with living room-wall design-colorful-colored-counter-white-wood-modern

In the Mediterranean style

Open kitchen with living room -turquoise-blue-cushions-table lamps-Mediterranean

Very modern or simply timelessly up-to-date

Open kitchen with living room -staircase-white-diamond-chair-bretoia-corner couch-modern

Anyone who has a preference for patterns and motifs will like this example

Open kitchen with living room-carpet-patterned-black-white-brown-armchair-upholstery

Very simple in two colors and with angular shapes

Open kitchen with living room -sofas-large-black-carpet-soft dark gray-glass wall

Set colored accents with pictures and home textiles 

Open kitchen with living room - parquet floor - leather couch - wall - mosaic stones - black - seating - carpet - red

Proper lighting is essential if two areas are to work together

Open kitchen with living room -parquet floor-corner sofa-large-leather-beige-terrace doors-open-yellowish

Simple, modern and functional

open-kitchen-living room-parquet-floor-couch-dark blue-femster-kitchen-island-flower-vase

Kitchen dining room living room in one room

open-kitchen-living room-modern-white-corner-sofa-gray-cow-blackboard-chalk-modern

open living-dining area with kitchen

open-kitchen-living room-modern-armchair-couch-kitchen counter-carpet-orange-beige-brown

open kitchen with island

open-kitchen-living room-modern-wooden floor-colors-accents-kitchen-island

open-kitchen-living room-modern-floor-gloss-kitchen-corner-sofa-turquoise-white-high gloss

open-kitchen-living room-lights-wooden ceiling-wooden floor-couch-gray-upholstery-dining table-solid wood

Set up living room with open kitchen

open-kitchen-living room-kitchen-counter-brown-gray-corner-sofa-couple-carpet-accents-window wall

Kitchen dining room and living room in one room modern

open-kitchen-living room-wood-solid wood-gray-upholstery-red-stool-lights-modern

open-kitchen-living room-wood-fronts-dark-wenge-floor-gray-accents-yellow

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-black-gray-turquoise-upholstered furniture-dining table

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-red-white-furniture-couch-armchair-window wall

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-upholstered furniture-chocolate brown-window-white-cream white

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-modern-couch-cream-white-floor-dark-wall-light

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-jute carpet-dark brown-cupboard fronts-hanging lights-window

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-dining area-couch-gray-lighting-white

open-kitchen-living room-gray-wood-couch-dining table-built-in kitchen-wall shelf-small

open-kitchen-living room-gray-wooden floor-brown-kitchen-counter-fan-flowers

Open-kitchen-living room-dining table-fridge-sofa-stool-kitchen counter-white

open-kitchen-living room-dining-table-wood-light-leather-couch-window-glass-lights-black

open-kitchen-living room-dining area-modern-couch-kitchen island-gas stove

open-kitchen-living room-dining area-kitchen counter-brown-matt-plain-edged


open-kitchen-living room-dark-laminate-floor-black-beige-subtle-lighting-view

open-kitchen-living room - cream-white-turquoise-beige-mirror-wing chair-upholstery

open-kitchen-living room-cream-white-black-furniture-carpet-coffee-table-lighting

open-kitchen-living room-couch-armchair-kitchen-tv-couple-dining table

open-kitchen-living room-couch-lounger-lounge-counter-white-brown-picture

open-kitchen-living room-couch-gray-white-fur-carpet-stripes-window


open-kitchen-living-room-beige-dark-brown-kitchen-counter-wooden floor-lights

open-kitchen-living-room-beige-coffee-table-hydrangea-kitchen-corner-front door

open-kitchen-vinntage-living-room-brick-wall-white-painted-red fridge


open-kitchen-living room-white-black-oriental carpet-wooden floor-kitchen-department

open-kitchen-living-room-orange-yellow-gray-upholstered furniture-vase-flowers-colorful-interesting