Mosaic tiles in the kitchen – glass mosaic as a kitchen rear wall, floor covering and wall cladding

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen - choose the closet-cover-flooring

The glass mosaic has been enjoying increasing popularity lately – it can be staged in a particularly stylish way in the bathroom and kitchen. Whether as a kitchen back wall, floor covering or wall cladding behind the dining area – the mosaic tiles in the kitchen quickly become real eye-catchers. We’ll show you 50 inspiring design ideas from renowned manufacturers.

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen – glamorous design ideas

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen wall-stylish-design-ideas

The glass mosaic traditionally decorates the kitchen rear wall – but if you show a little creativity, you can use it to spice up walls, floors and even the kitchen island. The design studio Toyo Kitchen from Japan presents stylish examples of creative wall and floor design with mosaic tiles in the kitchen. They combine modern, minimalist kitchen modules with clear lines with classic furniture. The tiles from the manufacturer Sicis form the perfect background for the eclectic interior – they fascinate with their natural motifs and give the room a pure glamor look.

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen – glass mosaic with a gradient as an accent

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen modern-kitchen back wall-glass mosaic-design

Mosaic tiles without a pattern are also trendy – the glass mosaic with color gradient for the wall is particularly popular. This is the easiest way to give the modern kitchen additional time. The slightly shimmering gray-white tiles automatically attract attention – they can therefore be perfectly combined with matt kitchen fronts. The kitchen is guaranteed to become the centerpiece of the living area.

The stylish kitchens from Toyo Kitchen become real eye-catchers with the mosaic tiles from Sicis

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen wall design pop art industrial style

The glass mosaic as a floor covering – blends harmoniously into the modern interior

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen flooring-wallcovering-glamouroes

The kitchen is accented with pink mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen pink-splashback-cabinet-lighting-flooring

Pure glamor with a crystal chandelier and glass mosaic on the wall in the kitchen

Mosaic tiles in the kitchen Glass mosaic-face-kitchen back wall

Modern kitchen with shimmering metal-look mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-glass mosaic-back wall-metal look

Mosaic tiles as flooring – also with a metal look

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-metal-flooring-modern-ideas

Pink mosaic tiles as an accent in the minimalist kitchen

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-pink-closet-ideas-modern-glass mosaic-lighting

Swarovski mosaic tiles decorate the kitchen island

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-kitchen-island-dressing-up-ideas

Mosaic tiles with patterns spice up the brown kitchen cabinets

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-animal-pattern-accent-setting-kitchen-cupboards

The floral motifs give the kitchen a homely look

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Back Wall Floral Design Ideas

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The mosaic tiles from Elements Mosaic in gold-copper color

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-design-modern-glass-mosaic-gold-overlaid

The gold mosaic tiles form an attractive contrast to the white cabinet doors

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-splash guard-gold-brown-gradient

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Trend Group’s designs bring an oriental touch to your own four walls

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-countertop-gold-exotic-furnishing

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-red-flower-pattern-dining-place-design

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-wall cladding-ideas-white-black

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-dining-place-design-ideas

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-white-modern-gray-ideas-design

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The glass mosaic from Mosaicopiu fits into both traditional and modern kitchens

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-extractor hood-hotplates-gas-modern

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-gold-black-cobblestone-minimalist

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-dining-place-glamorous-ideas

Mosaic tile kitchen dining area wall flower pattern

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-dining-place-separate-colorful

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-ideas-gray-white-dining-design

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-modern-geometric-tile-patterns

Mosaic Tile-Kitchen-Purple-Wall Tile-Ideas

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-white-gray-kitchen back wall ideas

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-glass-back-wall-stylish-design

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-blue-pattern-leather-look-country house style

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Bisazza wall tiles for the eclectic kitchen

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-ideas-back wall-face-ideas

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Island Floral Design Ideas

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-white-pattern-ideas-noble

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-accent-up-wall-ideas-modern

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-pattern-minimalistic-modern

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-white-back wall-glass mosaic-ideas

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-dark-brown-tiles-modern-design

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-back wall-dark gray-splash protection

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The Sicis collection offers numerous design options

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-motifs-country-style-design-ideas

Mosaic Tiles-Kitchen-Flowers-Kitchen-Country Style-Framing

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-floral-pattern-glass mosaic-back wall

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-flowers-white-kitchen-back wall

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-green-glass mosaic-green-kitchen back wall-exotic-heron

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-ideas-green-wall-stripes-floral-pattern

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-cooking island-beige hotplates

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-kitchen back wall-red-color

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-metal-kitchen back wall-modern-stylish

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-sea blue-gray-ideas-design

Mosaic tiles-kitchen-natural pattern-back wall-classic-seagrass

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