Modern wooden kitchen from Schiffini – slots instead of kitchen cabinet handles

modern wood kitchens schiffini pampa cooking island stainless steel worktop

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Schiffini worked with the designer Alfredo Häberli from Zurich to create a modern wood kitchen called Pampa to develop. This kitchen is an efficient solution for the modern household. It is made of wood and has no kitchen cabinet handles but rather compact slots. A stunning and compact design. The worktop of the kitchen island is made of stainless steel, which adds a beautiful shine.

Modern wood kitchen with island

modern wood kitchen schiffini slots instead of cabinet handles

You can choose between three types of wood – natural oak, American walnut and dark smoked oak. And they are all beautiful. The slots have a nice sculptural look and are almost unnoticeable. The design offers enough storage space for all kitchen appliances and utensils so that everything looks tidy. An elegant kitchen with clear lines.

Modern wood kitchen with slots instead of handles

Modern wood kitchen island stainless steel countertop slots instead of handles

modern wood kitchen unit design alfredo haeberli schiffini

Kitchen island with stainless steel worktop

modern wood kitchen island extractor hood stainless steel plate schiffini

large extractor hood over the kitchen island

wood kitchen schiffini extractor hood island stainless steel worktop

modern design by Alfredo Häberli

modern kitchen schiffini italy island wood fronts

subtle slits on the kitchen fronts

wood kitchen schiffini kitchen cabinet handles slots modern

modern kitchen schiffini wood white countertop extractor hood

modern wood fitted kitchen counter marble countertop schiffini

pampa wood kitchen schiffini l-shape built-in appliances