Modern stainless steel kitchens and classic metal accents

modern kitchens stainless steel accents countertop appliances

Have you ever noticed how the simplest metal accents can add a new shine to any room? This is especially true in the kitchen, where many appliances and accessories are made from materials such as stainless steel and chrome. the modern stainless steel kitchens bathe in metallic sheen, while others can only be decorated with a few important accents. Today we’re exploring the many ways to incorporate metal accents in the kitchen. Sometimes a small item on the counter or the kitchen island can add a shiny style to the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchens – surfaces and appliances

Kitchen made of stainless steel mosaic tiles kitchen back wall light gray

The modern stainless steel kitchens are timeless classics. Our first tip is a kitchen completely clad in steel – metallic surfaces from cabinets to drawers. You can combine the stainless steel with aluminum chairs and light colors. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets and drawers create beautiful contrasts when combined with wood, brick and marble surfaces.

Stainless steel kitchens – metal kitchen furniture and accessories

Stainless steel kitchen island, brown wall color, optically warm

The two are one of the easiest ways to add metallic sheen without tag. We start with a stainless steel kitchen island that protrudes against the wooden kitchen fronts. Its glossy surface creates a wonderful contrast to the wooden elements in the room.

Shiny metal accents

steel accents kitchen sink faucet wood fronts

Sometimes it all depends on the decoration … The simplest details often play a big role. Below we see a stainless steel sink with a chrome-plated faucet. Striking, shiny and modern, isn’t it? The lights are also a good and simple idea. A few flashy accents can make a world of difference.

Steel pendant lights and hood

steel accents kitchen hood pendant lights

Steel wall

Stainless steel kitchens shelves splash guard wooden dining table

Steel counter

modern kitchens stainless steel counter wood dining table

Stainless steel decorative elements

modern kitchen stainless steel hood pendant lights

  Steel kitchen appliances and bright colorsKitchens made of stainless steel matt glass cabinet fronts photo wall

Storage cabinet with sliding doors

Stainless steel kitchens storage cabinet sliding dining area

black wooden fronts  Kitchen worktops stainless steel black fronts wood tones

white kitchen cabinets with steel handles

Kitchen design stainless steel appliances fittings wooden top white wall units

wooden kitchen steel worktop island dining table round

steel kitchen matt glass cabinet doors under-cabinet lights

steel kitchen island extractor hood exposed concrete walls

retro kitchen design stainless steel stove splash guard red kitchen cabinet

Kitchen steel kitchen appliances white countertops

modern kitchen made of stainless steel wooden floor aluminum chairs kitchen island

Kitchen stainless steel appliances countertops wood cabinets

metal accents kitchen drawers refrigerator brick wall

Kitchen back wall tiled mirror stainless steel black wood shelves