Modern refrigerators put to the test – what can’t they actually do?

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Nowadays, modern refrigerators are multifunctional devices that adapt to the specific needs of the household. Whether cooling, freezing or storing – they master all tasks without any problems. But which refrigerator is the best for your own kitchen? Numerous foundations compare the different brands. Ultimately, this also helps the end user, because the lists of refrigerators in the test give a clear idea of ​​important criteria and useful functions.

Important criteria for the selection 

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The comparison between the different refrigerators is based on the following important criteria:

– power consumption

– Storage space and storage facilities

– cooling

– Freeze

A bonus point is often awarded for uncomplicated handling. Energy-saving devices with good cooling properties are suitable for both large families and singles. On the one hand, fridge-freezer combinations save space and, on the other hand, they are good value for money. Thanks to the so-called low-frost function, less ice forms in the refrigerator and defrosting is less necessary.

Refrigerators with useful additional functions

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Families with children particularly appreciate the possibility to put the fridges on them. Manufacturers are increasingly offering flexible variants for storage surfaces that adapt to personal needs. Objects from small cans to large bottles can be stored without any problems. Everything finds its place – special drawers are also designed for sensitive foods such as fruit or vegetables. The internal cooling technology helps that these compartments are not cooled down too much in order to keep the vegetables or fruit fresh for as long as possible. Last but not least, the look of the refrigerator also plays a role. The trend is clear – the refrigerator is characterized by clean lines and neutral colors. The white color is receding; instead, silver and black colors are currently in fashion. If you want to experiment, you can opt for a variant in red or blue.

The experts from Robert Bosch Hausgeräte know exactly which criteria play a role in the selection – after comparing different refrigerators, Stiftung Warentest declared their refrigerator KGE39AI40, along with two other devices, the test winner. But everyone else too Bosch fridges and freezers convince with their good quality and an impressive design.

The modern kitchen appliances – multifunctional and stylish

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Kitchen with refrigerator in metal look

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