Modern kitchens with high functionality from Forster

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What does the modern kitchen look like? What should a modern kitchen have? Modern kitchens must meet many requirements – both look modern and prove to be functional and practical. Has with the steel kitchen Ranger In 1952 a novelty was created that has remained unique to this day. Forster kitchens are easy to care for, odorless and environmentally friendly. The simple one Kitchen design is timeless and the Steel kitchens last well beyond a generation. Forster has been one of the most sought-after kitchen brands in Switzerland for decades. The first Forster steel kitchens were manufactured in 1952. In the meantime, almost 250,000 steel kitchens have left Forster’s production halls in Arbon on Lake Constance. The Swiss production location will also be retained in the future. A continuity that makes it clear: real quality grows from tradition.

Modern kitchens that combine simple design with high functionality

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The advantages of steel as a basic material in kitchen construction are not difficult to see. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and hygienic. Where the surfaces have no pores, dirt cannot build up and bacteria cannot establish themselves. A Forster kitchen remains undamaged even after repeated intensive cleaning with heat and water.

the modern kitchens from Forster are resilient and robust. The selected surface coating must pass high test requirements before it is used, for example resistant to fruit acids be. Since corrosion is a foreign word with galvanized steel, Forster steel kitchens are also ideally suited for use in damp rooms.

Steel also has its qualities in terms of building ecology. Where other building materials can lead to health problems due to the content of various chemicals, remains Steel emission-free from harmful substances and is absolutely odorless. A current certificate from the Bern University of Applied Sciences confirms that the steel surfaces are free of formaldehyde and also have very low values ​​for other volatile organic compounds (VOC). The one hundred percent recyclability of steel and its long lifetime contribute to the environmental friendliness of Forster kitchens.

Modern kitchens with a patented hinge system

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The modern kitchens from Forster also have a patented hinge system. With good reason: A minimum of material generates a maximum of performance. The hinges can withstand very high forces and are only adjusted once. It This eliminates the maintenance costs in the following years. They are dampened and very filigree integrated into the housing, so that the interior of the cabinet is easy to clean and can be optimally filled, as no part protrudes.

The patented Forster hinge is not only robust but also blends wonderfully into the construction. The design and construction convinced the IF Design Awards jury so much that they not only awarded the Forster kitchen, but also the hinge

Sandwich construction in fronts and shelves

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The sandwich construction in the fronts and trays is also unique worldwide. A cardboard honeycomb between the steel sheets ensures maximum stability. The fronts and shelves retain their shape despite their lightness even under the highest loads. Once assembled, the parts stay as they are. Neither moisture nor temperature fluctuations can warp the panels.

The magnetic effect of steel is put to practical use

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Forster has also made use of the magnetic effect of steel. Practical helpers such as hooks, roll holders or spice boards can simply be clipped onto the back wall and moved at any time.

Forster kitchens have been part of AFG Küchen AG since 2011. With the brands Forster, Piatti and Warendorf, AFG Küchen offers three different brand philosophies under one roof. At over 20 locations in Switzerland alone, customers can discover the world of the three kitchen brands. AFG Küchen is the largest kitchen manufacturer in Switzerland and is part of AFG Arbonia-Forster Holding AG, a construction equipment group with 6000 employees around the world.

Modern white kitchen – timeless space miracle

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This kitchen exudes clear space. Filigree shelves, which express the material steel in its most subtle form, expand the room optically and functionally.

Practitioners with an elegant style

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Wherever you look, the advantages of steel are unmistakable in Forster kitchens: The smooth surfaces are very easy to maintain and keep clean. Where the surfaces have no pores, there can be does not accumulate dirt.

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