Modern kitchen worktop from DuPont serves as a wireless charger

wireless charger for kitchen worktop from dupont

the Kitchen countertop from DuPont are a real innovative and practical addition to your modern home. Coriant surfaces not only impress with their extremely high quality and modern design, but also with innovative and practical solutions. DuPont countertops also function as wireless chargers, so you can quickly charge your phone at any time.

The DuPont kitchen worktop also doubles as a charger

modern technology charger kitchen countertop from dupont

The rapidly evolving technologies today allow us to try out and use all possible innovations for the home that make our everyday lives easier. This is exactly what the DuPont company aimed at and achieved. The modern Kitchen countertop by DuPont Corian not only serves as a surface for the kitchen island, but is also a wireless charger at the same time. Just put your cell phone on it and it will charge quickly and easily while you are cooking or doing something else in the kitchen.

Innovative kitchen worktop from DuPont with a modern design

various colors charger kitchen worktop from dupont

The modern Kitchen countertop from DuPont is not only extremely practical and functional, but also impresses with a stylish design. The simple kitchen worktops match every furnishing style and are made from high quality materials. So that the worktops can fit in almost every kitchen, they were produced in all possible colors. Also take a look at the other surfaces for the kitchen from DuPont.

Corian worktop in warm colors for the modern kitchen

warm colors designer kitchen countertops from dupont

Stripe pattern in shades of blue

stripe pattern blue designer kitchen countertops from dupont

Colorful stripes for the modern interior

sink stripes designer kitchen countertops from dupont

Simple kitchen countertop design

modern kitchen designer kitchen countertops from dupont

Material from DuPont Corian in wood look

corian surface designer kitchen countertops from dupont

Bright colors for more mood

colorful motifs designer kitchen countertops from dupont