Modern kitchen sink and faucet – collection by Villeroy & Boch


If you need a nice addition to your kitchen design, check out the Villeroy collection&Boch on. They not only offer complete kitchen projects, but also furniture, elements and spare parts for the kitchen. We’ll show you just a few of these elegant designs for inspiration. The modern ones Kitchen sink and faucet will fascinate you with their stylish design.

Modern kitchen sink and faucet designs


High quality, interesting shapes and stylish designs define the collection of Kitchen sinks and taps. Robust and easy-care materials such as ceramics and stainless steel give the kitchen a modern look.

The kitchen sink is heat-resistant, usually offers large multifunctional storage space and is combined with a modern stainless steel faucet. The asymmetrical shape of some models looks glamorous and attracts everyone’s attention, while others present exciting designs with wave-shaped sinks. Great color combinations between the kitchen sinks, faucet and the kitchen counter make every kitchen look elegant.

Modern kitchen sink designs – color schemes

modern-undulating-single-bowl sink counter space

white kitchen sink wooden kitchen counter

The Villeroy team&Boch shows a clear preference for classic color schemes such as silver, gray, blue, brown, beige. The classic colors and the simple design with elegant production represent a practical solution for every housewife. Convenient and multifunctional – the kitchen sink from Villeroy&Boch.

white single-bowl sink ceramic

Modern white two-bowl sink

Two-bowl sink-white-beige

Stainless steel kitchen counter and white sink


Modern black and white combination

black-kitchen-counter-white-two-bowl sink

Practical round ceramic sink

multifunctional design kitchen sink splash

Modern single-bowl sink for small kitchens

modern-single-bowl sink-kitchen-ceramics

Marble kitchen counter

Marble kitchen counter-beige-sink-faucet

Gray stainless steel sink

gray stainless steel sink kitchen

Ceramic corner sink

Corner sink ceramic cutting board

Classic beige sink

beige-angular kitchen sink

Stainless steel faucet for the kitchen

Kitchen-faucet-stainless steel-round

Square stainless steel faucet

practical square faucet

Modern stainless steel faucet

modern-faucet-stainless steel

Brown kitchen sink with an elegant faucetFaucet brown kitchen sink