Modern kitchen island – the heart of every kitchen


the modern kitchen island not only looks good – it offers endless design possibilities. This makes smaller kitchens look compact and tidy, while larger kitchens leave plenty of space for several quivers. The kitchen island is offered in a wide variety of variants due to the function that it will perform in the house. Traditionally, a kitchen island used to be built in larger kitchens – it is the gathering point for the whole family, where everyone can help with the cooking.

Modern kitchen island – compact and practical


Over time, however, this practical idea has evolved and today it is modern kitchen island also suitable for small apartments. It can visually separate the living room from the dining room, it can offer a larger storage space and, last but not least, all accessories are within reach. Elegant glass kitchen counters also fit in the living room and look more as a decoration than a kitchen.

Elegant modern kitchen island – furnishing ideas


Granite kitchen island modern kitchen

the modern kitchen island can be ordered separately from a designer office, or simply chosen to match the interior. Classic or minimalist – the options for designing the cooking surface are practically endless. The shape of the kitchen island has also changed over time – square at the beginning, but now you can choose a round, oval or other design. It is important to choose good lighting so that the kitchen counter can be used without any problems.

Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and design your new modern kitchen!

cozy-kitchen-island-round-glass kitchen counter

Modern gray kitchen

Steel kitchen island modern wooden kitchen

Practical layout in the dining room

practical-white-kitchen-island-living room

Elegant kitchen island in the living room

Kitchen island-design ideas-elegant-modern

Classic kitchen interior


Classic yellow kitchen

cozy-yellow-kitchen-counter-wood kitchen

White wood kitchen with classic elegance

classic white wood kitchen

Steel kitchen counter and white chandelier

Granite kitchen counter-gray kitchen

minimalist kitchen with a simple ultra modern design


white furniture in the kitchen

large modern kitchen island

100 more ideas for the kitchen