Modern kitchen in a minimalist style – functionality and elegance in one

Gray and white kitchen minimalist design

Many of us associate minimalism and the modern kitchen with this super elegant interior that exudes an innovative, futuristic atmosphere. Yes, it all looks wonderful when we look at the pictures in the specialized catalog, but in reality there has to be some space for a certain, reasonable dose of functionality! Yes, at least in some cases! from GV Plazzogna  for  Cesar is made Mila an innovative and practical kitchen that combines a minimalist silhouette with sublime elegance. There is an undeniably ‘airy’ appeal that Mila exudes, and you can customize many compositions to suit the specific needs of your own home.

Modern kitchen with a lot of functionality


Modern kitchen with minimalist design combines different textures in an interesting way. This stylish kitchen offers visually captivating designs with imitation concrete. The chic wooden cabinets and shelves in dark and light tones offer plenty of storage space. The newest Lineset Shelves, hinged units and special sizes, wall cabinets enable you to make maximum use of the available vertical space. Chic and multifunctional kitchen islands are the heart of the Mila and allow you to use the areas as preparation zones or as serving stations.

Modern kitchen with an urban design

Wood look kitchen cabinets and shelves

Trendy additions like that Wing and Desco Tables can your modern kitchen into a perfect social entertainment place where your whole family can enjoy quality time together.

Modern kitchen merges practical and minimalist


the modern kitchen As a minimalist kitchen, Mila is seamlessly integrated into a modern living room with an open floor plan. A practical urban kitchen for those who love restrained minimalism!

Playful elements


Built-in modules


Open modern kitchen

Wall decoration-dog-gray-floor

The U shape is great representative


Emphasis on light and glass

Floor lamp-wall-made-of-glass-minimalist-kitchen

Wall cladding

Pendant lamp-green-plastic-chairs-kitchen-in-gray

Wood look with black and white walls

Chinese lantern-gray-white-kitchen-minimalism

More shine for minimalism

beige-kitchen-shelves-minimalist-kitchenThe open porch


Rectangular cabinets and modules in the minimalist kitchen